cats are awesome

Why? Why? Why? Why? I'm not really in to pet photography but I do have a ticklish spot for the personality of a curious cat. Especially these ones.

Why? The normal sized "kitten" in this posting reminds me of the late Shouger (1990-2005) who died of old age and back problems due to his straining life as a gymnast.

Why? OK, so I think cats are funny...and I am always trying to find new ways to challenge myself as a photographer along with discovering unique and difficult lighting situations. This photo shoot indeed provided as a new challenge for me as a photographer...especially because my eyes were foggy due to the excessive laughter I had to hold in (the skinny one knows when people are making fun of her).

Cats are awesome.

funny cat pictures photo of cat with reindeer ears on large cat in picture cat in swaddling blanket cat jumping cat jumping nice cat head shot cats together and curious cat liking his face cat hanging out

abstract landscape photographs . fine art prints

Fine art photographs As a professional photographer, there is nothing quite as significant as personal work. Yet, after a long season, the last thing one may desire to do is pick up a camera and sit in front of a computer editing.

It's practice like this that keeps interest and development at the top of its game. My new ideas don't come from photographing wedding after wedding. It more often than not comes from exploring and experimenting on my own time, free from pressure and pre-envisioned images. It's practice like this that defines and and stretches a photographer. In a time when photographers are a dime a dozen, you may ask what is it that sets us apart? How does one develop imagery that defines an artists specialty?

Last night I had the privileged of hearing Jon Canlas speak. This talented, honest, genuine and unique photographer reinforced the importance of practice and its significance on the way it effects your style and presence. The timing of his talk was particularly encouraging as I finish edits on a few of my favorite images I documented over the holiday weekend.

I am blessed in knowing a Montanan pilot who graciously flew me above some beautiful terrain. I have been really fascinated with the way that the shapes and lines contrast from an ariel perspective. A combination of these art elements create an abstract, yet realistic perspective of creation.

There is nothing quite as genuine as the brilliant and seamless gradient of a sunset or the natural and pleasing shapes that occur when a river flows through a farm land. Not only is the process aesthetically exiting, it leaves me in awe of our Creator and the way that His artistic ability trumps any attempt we can make.

fine art prints for purchase landscape art interesting fine art shapes in the land beautiful landscape abstract photograph of mountains unique photographer unique photograph of montana painting like photographs emotive landscape picture unique photograph of landscape and river stunning landscape photograph interesting photograph of landscape

Tis the season to be jolly selah (lalalalalalalala)

Selah Help us bring this year to a swaddling close at the Art Walk for Selah's First Friday Christmas Party. Are you in need a Christmas card photograph? The festivities will include FREE Christmas Photo booth Images, a tea bar and much more.

Stop by of Friday December 2nd between 6:30 and 9:30 at Selah's studio located at 910 Sante Fe Drive Unit 302 in Denver's Sante Fe Arts District.

selah photography

candid family portraits | denver

Candid Family Portraits in Denver

Here is a great Christmas, Anniversary or Birthday gift for those people who are difficult to buy for. Children and family portraits are a unique and significant gift for the sentimental and artistic.

The natural joy within this close knit family was overflowing. Typically, when children get a little bit older, it can be difficult to round everyone up for a family photo shoot let alone get them to show their personalities. I believe this time in life is just as important to document as the younger years and I am so glad I was able to do it for this great family.

interactive familiy portrait

photograph of older kids

laughing family

fun family photograph

great family photo

mother daughter portrait

nice casual family portrait

fun family picture

family portrait

nice portrait of family

great family photograph

alternative family portrait

Photo Booth . First Friday art walk in Denver

Denver Open Air Photo Booth Selah's studio located in the Santaphotobooth_denver001





























photo booth rentals










denver photo booth rental services


SP7_0644 Fe Art's district throws the best First Friday party. The images below feature some of our favorite guests that made it up to the third floor during the art walk.

Mark your calendars for the Art Walk during the first Friday in December from 6:00 to 9:30. Selah will be having a Christmas party and doing complimentary awkward family photos that will be a perfect fit for your Holiday Cards.

Are you looking for a type of non-traditional photography to add to your wedding or event? Our open-air photo booth is a great option for couples. We set up a large backdrop so the guests are able to use more space or bring in large groups. It makes for an excellent souvenir and is a unique way to capture your guests.

baby portrait photographer in denver

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baby portrait photographer in denver


When meeting Noah in person, you may be deceived by this little boy's calm and relaxed expression. I found that for a split second he would unleash his big personality. We were able to capture much of this in these lifestyle photographs.

Check our our sister site, Jackie Zoeller Photography

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[/flo_one_half] [flo_one_half_last padding="20px 20px 20px 20px" class="" ] baby laying in the leaves[/flo_one_half_last] 



baby sitting againts wall

baby being held by dad in fun portrait

personality filled baby picture

baby looking confused

candid baby portrait

happy baby pictures

baby looking surprized

humorous baby portrait

Rocky Mountain Wedding Venue . Over the Edge Chalet

Steamboat Springs Wedding Venue . Over the Edge Chalet While I’ve yet to photograph here, Over the Edge Chalet is a gorgeous new rental home perched on the champagne-powder slopes of Steamboat Springs. This is a great wedding venue to consider for those seeking a picturesque wedding in the high country.

The chalet recently opened its doors in 2009 with critical acclaim: Reuter’s travel website ranked it one of the top ten rental homes in North America. Even a quick browse through the property’s website will easily show how it earned this reputation with its vaulted ceilings, three heated decks, a full-sized bar, and sweeping mountain views galore. This venue would be sure to match the caliber of your special day.

The grounds are versatile and spacious enough to accommodate wedding ceremonies as well as reception dinners, and the seven bedrooms allow overnight stays for family, friends, and the honorary couple themselves. Ski-in/ski-out access is a major draw of this property as well. Step outside your door and your wedding party is on the slopes! Click here for info on reservations and pricing.

As photogenic as this property is, I am excited about future wedding photography bookings here. Its sleek architecture and floor-to-ceiling windows offer up some great opportunities for shots indoors and out.

ski in ski out wedding venue

luxery mountain wedding venue

high end wedding venue

modern musician photography

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modern musician photography


Her name is so fitting. Grace is not only a beautiful woman, but a very talented musician. It was such a privilege to photograph her. Grace was lead to Selah after draining the search engines under the keyword "Denver modern photographers." I love when google works! Atomic-Gracie, a modern violinist was classically trained and has gone awry. During the photo shoot, I was treated to a mini-concert that set the mood for her soft, modern, intriguing and unique photographs.

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This modern musician photography was taken in Denver around Selah's home near the Santa Fe Arts district. [/flo_one_third] [flo_two_third padding="20px 20px 20px 20px" class="" ]modern artistic photographer

musician on location in photograph[/flo_two_third]



musician photograph in front of old theater




emotive and interactive photograph of violinist

creative band photographer . rubedo . painted body shoot

creative band photographer

Psychedelic Alchemical Pop Rock | Rubedo

"Hailing from Denver, Rubedo has defied locals’ expectations with a uniquely captivating sound that expertly combines raw, passionate, even wistful vocals with an aggressively psychedelic and soulful groove. In their exploration of both instrumentation and genre that touches on funk-laden guitar riffs, jazzy interludes, and rock-driven abrasiveness" -Rubedo

Every artist can claim themselves as "unique" and "captivating". However not all bands can live up to these claims. This band doesn't focus on pleasing their audience, but being nothing more than exactly who they are.

The creativity and expressiveness of this group of boys exceeded my expectations. They are artists with creative spirits down to the core of their being. I loved every part of this time of exploration.

Rubedo is a must see and a must hear. To top it off, the quips and jokes out of their mouths are almost as entertaining as the riffs and rhythms out of their hands.

Interested in learning more about band photography from a creative band photographer? Check out our sister site for information

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man painted white wearing an indian hat


Fine Art Photography | Holga Shoot

I fell in love with the Holga | Round III There is something about getting a role of this film developed that always impacts me―something about the the way I am required to trust that the end result will be unexpectedly beautiful. I can't predict or control the harvest, but I know my camera and understand that there is a capricious beauty which results from experimenting, openness and trust. I don't have the slightest clue what will result in the images, but I think that makes them all the better.

I want my faith to be more like this. In the days where control and vast knowledge are at our finger tips, it's far more simple and safe to take a photo and immediately react to the image. Yet, many of the moments of magnificence materialize when we walk and trust―trust that there will be winsomeness despite the desire to gratify immediately. This is an allure that we would never have been able to construct on our own terms.

On a completely different note, I think the guys that develop my film secretly hate it when I come in. They tell me, "These dark and over-layed negatives are a beast to develop."

These photographs were gently rendered using my new favorite toy, Alien Skin Exposure. The action set is amazing.

The painting-like photographic images were taken in a southern Colorado Rocky Mountain range and within blocks of Selah's studio in the Sante Fe Art District of Denver.

Enjoy. telephone pole in the city

abstract fine art print

photograph of the city

a fine art print

great holga picture

fine art photograph of building

elements of photography

fine art photography print taken of graffiti

holga print for sale

image of a color burst

abstract fine art photography

fine art prints from a holga

Fine art photography prints for sale

fine art print of silhouette photograph of trees

abstract photographic print

fine art photograph

fine art photography print of trees

fine art photography prints

brown toned image

red abstract photograph

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Parkour photos

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Family Flies Together: an inside look at Denver's Parkour

by Matthew Zoeller "We might not be as cool as the guys you see on the internet," says Hunter Neiblum, "but while you were watching them last night we ate all your cereal." Then immediately after doing a backflip off the Commons Park wall leaving nearby pedestrians in amazement at these characters in grey cut-off sweat pants, his friend John Reynolds corrects him, "No. We are the guys you see on the internet." While John prepares his next stunt Hunter adds, "and your strawberry ice cream; we ate all your strawberry ice cream too." Though they may be easily branded at first glance as hoodlums who lack summer employment, after further observation it is not difficult to see that these boys bear no spray cans or skateboards, but they only use what is most important: their bodies. They are practicing what is known globally as "Parkour", a French term originally meaning, "the art of movement." Parkour, however, is much less of an interpretive dance as it sounds, and is better defined as the estranged hybrid of rebel gymnastics, a Jackie Chan highlight reel, and Project Mayhem from "Fight Club" These local Denver traceurs even sound like a band of superheroes: Logan Breitweiser - the ex-skateboarder with a tattoo and a healthy dose of crass about him. Slightly rough around the edges. Hunter Neiblum - the rogue philosopher who naturally speaks of things like fraternity, overcoming obstacles, poetry, and being one with the earth though he swears "Siddhartha Gautama" must be the name of an energy drink (and who, for the record, only jokes about stealing cereal or ice cream). And thirdly, John Reynolds - an all-state track star with a Shackleton determination who will never be as motivated by a coach as he will by the voices in his own head. All three are happy to both show and tell. "Parkour is all about body awareness," says Hunter. "Yeah," adds Logan, "We don't rely on an exterior thing to keep us safe. Like we don't rely on a snowboard that won't break or a skateboard that won't break. We trust our body. If we feel like we can't do something then we don't do it." In between the jumping and the flipping for the Selah photo shoot, these three friends are all too eager to answer questions about what they do and why they do it. Piggy backing on each others' comments and finishing each others' ideas with Jurassic 5 like fluidity, it doesn't take long to get a clear picture of the bond between them and the way teamwork plays such a big role in what they do. Literally after every jump or flip, there are two constructive feedback coming from the cohorts. Reynolds notes, "The friendliness of the community is what makes it so easy to get better." Hunter adds, "We all train together. Even people across the world. We exceed each others' levels and teach each other how to exceed that level. Then we just learn and grow off each other." In most cases when young people join forces and decide to be a team or gang, they give themselves a semi-threatening or dangerous sounding group name so as to give an impression of how tough they are to any potential opposition. This is where our Denver freerunners really surprise your assigned correspondent. When asked if their posse has a name, they are not quick to answer "Bloods" or "Satan's Flipped-out Henchmen", but rather "Denver Family", followed by a chest-banging gorilla-like pronunciation from Hunter of, "We are Denver Family." With no apology, these toned and tattooed athletes proudly call themselves by a name that sounds fit for a youth group and live to back it up. When asked if he bonds more profoundly with fellow Parkour comrades, John Reynolds says, "Definitely, no comparison; especially with my closest buds, there definitely is a reason we call ourselves 'a family'. People who are passionate about Parkour or movement in general tend to have a pretty consistent outlook amongst each other. When you share the same passion and outlook it's hard not to bond like a family." Giving each other only compliments, and even occasional hugs (Hunter's signature 'fly through the air landing with a hug' move), we watched three of the Denver Family in their element during the course of two hours. According the these Parkour practitioners, a sponsored Parkour event is less of a competition and more of an exhibition. John Reynolds has "competed" in Boston and is soon to attend an event Brazil in upcoming weeks, though he says it's really no different than being in the park with his friends because Parkour is just fundamental, organic movement that is still uncontaminated and non commercialized. Though it has its occasional arguments about rank or nomenclature, as Logan points out, "Anyone that's really good just doesn't care. You're just you. That's how that shit works." [/flo_one_third] [flo_two_third_last padding="20px 20px 20px 20px" class="" ]man looks like he is flyingman and buildings crazy parkour photos[/flo_two_third_last]

parkour in denver

parkour photographs

crazy parkour photos

parkour in the city

parkour images

parkour photographs

parkour photojournalism

parkour pictures

parkour photographs

parkour images

artistic album cover photographer

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artistic album cover photographer

the h is o "the heat is on" - When someone is totally feeling your mack. -urban dictionary The h is o The band is legendary within small -- but growing -- circles for the outstanding live show, featuring Mick-Jagger-as-a-lanky-choirboy antics, incendiary guitar heroics, and impeccable rhythmic excellence ...and I love them.   Looking for band photos are you?

Check out our sister company for [flo_button url="" style="grey" size="small" type="round" target="_self"] Band photography pricing and info [/flo_button][/flo_image_text] chalk flying for portrait

great band photograph creative band portrait head shots of band

blue chalk

album cover photographs


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