Best Wedding Photographers Denver

If you're not convinced that finding the best wedding photographers around is not the most important things are your wedding, let's see if we can change your mind.

Weddings. Their filled with frantic bustling, planning, scurrying, laughter, scheduling, arrangements, and smiles. The weeks leading up to the wedding are as hectic as the wedding day itself. Most brides are so joyfully overwhelmed and emotionally intoxicated on their big day that they do not even get to try the cake. Personally, my husband and I didn't even see our dessert table until it was demolished.

We had our friends flitting after you with a plate of food trying to get you to eat something amidst all the excitement. "At one point, I saw your plate of food laying in the middle of a field," my maid of honor told me. Your wedding dress will be loved and admired, get dirty amidst all the festivities, and then go into a box. Best friends and family members will fly across the country to watch you exchange vows but you will not have an opportunity to spend efficient quality time together. The wedding day will be an emotional high that afterwards will be transformed into a vast store of fond memories. As you search for the best wedding photographer in Denver, remember that their photographs of your wedding will be one of the key ways of remembering this special day.

Selah is a premier award winning photographer in Denver. We placed second in Denver’s A-list Best Wedding Photographer contest and have had images published worldwide. Jackie of Selah was recently named the top artistic Wedding photographer by CNN local and has been noted worldwide because of her unique wedding photography. The work at Selah focuses on creativity and unique picturesque artistry that displays the characteristics of each couple. Of all the top wedding photographers in Denver, Selah is flexible and personal, desiring to document your day with accuracy and sentiment. We accept a select amount of clients each year and do so because we want to give every Bride and Groom the amount of time and energy as they deserve. A good wedding photographer will possess all these assets and more.

If your thinking that all you need to do is find an expensive Denver wedding photographer to find the best, we suggest you do your homework and keep in mind that you can get what you pay for...but don't always get what you pay for.

We suggest that all bride and grooms look around. Meet with several photographers who fit your style and then ask a few key questions. We've highlighted some below:

-What do you value in people? This will give you an idea of what they look for. What it is that their eye is going to be drawn to. If it's beauty--they may be after documenting portraits that make you look like a movie star. If it's love and relationship, they may be after looking for photos that share the connection...

-What do you believe are the most important wedding photographs to take? If the photographer tells you it's the family formal photo, you know that is where they will be sure to put most of their energy towards that.

-Tell me about your favorite wedding. Tell me about your favorite clients Do these people sound like you? Does this wedding sound like yours? I know that we always do our best work when we click with our clients.

You get the idea. Hopefully your perfect wedding photographer will be asking you a bunch of questions and hopefully you will too. You often find lists telling you to asking questions such as "do you dress professionally?" and "do you shoot with two photographers?" Yes, those are fine questions to ask but those questions won't assure that you've found one of best wedding photographers Denver has to offer.