Engagement Photography

 This season of great life change awaits as you plan and prepare for one of the best days life has to offer. When thinking about your wedding photos, think long term. Think about the laps your album will be sitting on in fifty years. Think about bookcases your antique framed photographs will be resting on. We want your wedding photos to resemble much more than what you look like, we want them to resemble you. 

Use your engagement session as an opportunity to highlight your story. Use it as a break in the planning to re-root you. To remember how, where and why you fell in love. Maybe we go to one of your favorite spots in town, maybe it’s the place you had your first date or the restaurant you frequent. It could be take place in your favorite season on the year  a beautiful park that accentuates the beauty in your connection and relationship.

Engagement photos can be more than a cheesy photo that you will regret in fifteen year. Tell your story. Make an heirloom.

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With that being said, welcome to our engagement photography gallery highlighting many of the best Denver engagement photos.  Featuring many images of unique engagement photos. At Selah, we prefer taking a storytelling approach towards engagement photographs. We think they are more than a simple photo of you and your fiance smiling at the camera. Engagement photos give an opportunity to create an heirloom – a set of stories to document your personalities and connection before you were married.

Think about more than a photo of you smiling at the camera for your parents mantle. Think about the album sitting in a little lap in 30 years from now. Think about the stories that the photos will hold in an antique frame on the wall of your grandchildren. Our memories are vague and love is grand. Remember it well.