SELAH photography

Through the last twelve years Jackie and Matt have developed a fine tuned approach towards photographing weddings that captures the essence of what is important, unique and timeless.


Their approach towards photographing is easy.

It avoids cheesy, posed, unnatural wedding photography.

It concentrates on documenting you and all you love most in the world.

You came because life is good.  Life is so good you want someone to photograph it, to memorialize it for the rest of time so you can always remember how good it was.  But your good life is not just you and your best friends smiling your camera smiles in some stock pose.  Selah gets well beyond that stuff and manages to capture some essence of what’s important, unique, and timeless in the situation.
— Matt, NY, NY



She’s an opinionated introvert, a listener, an artist, a lover of paper and picture frames, a fan of Sufjan and Banksy, an ignorer of punctuation. She deeply cares about her craft and that your photos are a treasure for life.

Early in her career she formally studied photography and studio art alongside of psychology. She’s photographed hundreds of weddings for over the last ten years – including once on a sailboat in St. Thomas and once on a charter bus in rural Nebraska - seasickness on each. She has been ranked among Colorado's top wedding photographers in recent years. 



He’s a gregarious extrovert who can join a party of strangers and make them feel comfortable enough to allow him to show you how to tie your bow tie. He’s a teacher, a storyteller, a musician, and an idealist on skis. 

Matt has this way of documenting weddings that highlights real life. His photojournalistic imagery has a simple yet significant aesthetic. When he’s not blending in with the flies on the walls at your wedding you will find him climbing trees for the better angle or squatting cold-fingered in the dark, in the middle of a snowstorm holding Jackie’s lights to make your wedding art pieces. 



based in Denver. HAPPY TO TRAVEL



We got married a year after we began photographing weddings together. 

 Our passion for people, marriage and love is driven by our faith in Jesus. He's the giver of our gift.