Creative Headshot Photographer for Professionals

Selah Photography's sister company, Denver Headshot CO specialized in unique, professional headshot photography serving Denver Colorado, and surrounding areas.

As a professional headshot photographer, they offer high-quality, headshots are not your ordinary set of images;  this team of creative talents combine with your brand to create natural, high quality headshots.

 Whether you’re looking for female professional headshots or men's professional headshots we’ve got options. If you’re wondering where to get headshots, our mobile photography studio travels to your office for large groups looking for the best corporate headshots.

creative headshot photographer in denver
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Hoping your headshots don't look like your high school yearbook photo? At Denver headshot Co, we believe your brand should look like your brand. We avoid stock, set up, posed headshot photography. We approach taking your photos by asking a lot of questions, listening and collaborating. 

Jackie is one of the headshot photographers for artists, real-estate agents, insurance groups as well providing corporate headshots for companies large and small.  Whether you are looking for a business professional image, a creative headshot or a natural, personality filled headshot we have a style fit for you. The Denver Headshot Company photographs companies and small business owners looking to document their image in a genuine, artistic and professional style. With a focus on personality, Jackie, a creative headshot photographer, avoids the stiff-looking photographs and focuses on capturing clients in an approachable way.