Fine art wedding photography. Selah’s lead photographer, Jackie is a lifelong artist and admirer of all things beautiful and well crafted. Her approach towards making artistic, hang-on-the-wall worthy weddings photos is one of the things that sets her apart as a unique wedding photographer.

“These are the kind of photos you would want to hang on your wall even if you weren’t the bride or the groom.”

“On the day of the wedding, Jackie and her partner took some amazing shots. She really tries to capture the event with a different lens and unique angle, making you wonder, how did she do that.”

” She is so comfortable to work with – when we got done with our engagement photo shoot we both said that we just felt like we’d been hanging out with her for a few hours.  We had so much fun!  We were blown away by the finished product – she captured us perfectly.  Her photos are truly works of art.”

Unique wedding photos

Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else. Unique. You know. 

Sounds like you, right? Sounds like the journey you’ve been on as a couple. Unlike anything else is like the day your planning to exchange vows and start your new life together.

Unlike anything else describes your family and friends. The people who you love most in the world gathered together for one day. We believe your wedding day is one of the best life has to offer and we want your wedding photos to remember the most impacting part of it; which is also the things that makes you so different than anyone else.

The people. The relationships. Your story.

“You came because life is good.  Life is so good you want someone to photograph it, to memorialize it for the rest of time so you can always remember how good it was.  But your good life is not just you and your best friends smiling your camera smiles in some stock pose.  The photographer we hired from Selah, Jackie, gets well beyond that stuff and manages to capture some essence of what’s important, unique, and timeless in the situation.”

Our goal is to give you a set of wedding photos that hang on your walls for generations. The photos of you and the people you love most in the world should be in a story-book that acts as the crown jewel of your coffee table. These people should be on your walls and the reminder of the commitment you’ve made to each other should be beautifully present in your day to day life. Our approach towards documenting your day roots in creating custom, meaning wedding photography that will remember more than what you looked like on your wedding day.

Wedding Photojournalism. Our unique wedding photography combines photojournalism with fine art photography. The wedding photojournalism gives you real and authentic documentation of the relationships and personalities of you and your guests. It isn’t a posed, formal image of your loved one’s in their best dressed rather a documentation of what really happened. A tangible memory allowing you to memorialize life during one of the most significant seasons you will walk through.

“The photos we got were great and we’re so happy that we went with Selah Photography. There were times during our wedding that I would think to myself, “I hope Jackie or Matt are somewhere they can capture this moment.” And sure enough, when the photos came out, I had multiple angles of that exact moment. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Over the last ten years as wedding photographer’s we’ve developed an approach toward photographing weddings that allows you to leave everything in our hands. Through set’s of questions and our journalistic approach we give you a diverse collection of images that touch base on the most significant things. For you, your grandparents and generations to come.

“Selah’s wedding work is amazing– they get the shots you didn’t know you wanted. This is exactly what a great wedding photographer should do.”


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