Colorado mountain wedding photographer

"These photographs are the kind of art you would want to frame in your house even if you weren't the bride and groom."


For authentic sentimental art-lovers.

So you're looking through the best Colorado mountain wedding photographer

Trying to find your perfect fit. As you search, I recommend considering asking yourself the following questions:

What kind of style do we want? Are we looking for someone artistic photography, documentary style photos for weddings or someone on the more traditional side.

What is important to us in our photographer? Do we want someone really organized? Do they appear to be professional? Do they listen to our style or approach the day with their eye?

What kind of budget do we have? The average couple in Colorado spends around $3000 on their wedding photographer. You'll be spending more for someone in high demand with a unique style and less for more of a generalist.


Digital Files of Wedding Day

Depending on coverage, you will receive approximately 100 digital files per hour.  Images will be color corrected and gently retouched. Custom edits and retouching are included in print and album orders. Your digital files will include approximately 50 files that are custom edited. The digital files will be given in high resolution on a DVD. You will receive the rights to reproduce the images at your leisure.

Complimentary Engagement Session

Selah's popular engagement sessions allow you to utilize 1-2 locations and 2-3 outfit changes in a setting that best reflects your story. We offer two packages that include a complimentary engagement session or, you can add it on a'la carte.

 You are capitalizing on at seven plus hours of coverage from two photographers along with their experience, talent and skill. This accounts for the time spent photographing at your event along with post production and processing of the digital files. If you feel like we may be your photographers, contact us for a price quote.

The Photographer

Jackie Nuxoll Photographer
Jackie Nuxoll Photographer

Jackie Zoeller is one of the best Colorado wedding photographers who specializes in artistic and journalistic wedding photos for the modern couple.  Learn more about Jackie.