Artistic wedding Pictures

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Artistic wedding Pictures

Normita and Josh met at a funeral and have married each other three times. When explained, it's all very normal and practical. Yet, upon leaving out the details it makes everything sounds quite interesting. So, I'll just leave it at that. QUESO! I yelled at Normita's family during formals. Her family traveled all the way from Mexico to experience this special day. I'm sure they  thought I was an idiot, but I was deeply entertained. I impressed myself with  how much conversational Spanish I pulled out. Like "hace caliente." and "como esta."(brilliant right?) Ben and I were welcomed in Brighton, Colorado by a creamy cloud cover at a beautiful location. This was the first time Ben was a second shooter with Selah, and let me tell you, he was amazing. His perspective behind the camera along with his perspective on life was so fitting and refreshing. I felt like we had worked together for years. The day was filled with a wonderful energy and importance. We are so thankful to have been there to help you remember it. If you notice, a member of the bridal party looks very similar to a member to an attendant we photographed in Nebraska the day prior... Ashley told me that her biggest regret from her wedding is that we didn't photograph it, so I think it is her goal to make sure we photograph every wedding that she is in. I believe this is the third one. I'm so thankful for your trust and referrals Ashley.

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