brown palace wedding photographers

Brown Palace Wedding photographers for Andrew & Nicole

There are many perks to getting married on a Sunday in the summer. One of them is not the Denver heat. However, that heat didn't stop Andrew and Nicole from celebrating their lifelong commitment with one another in the company of good friends, good music, fantastic cake, and some time honored Jewish traditions.

Once again we at Selah had the privilege of partaking in a creative and well put together wedding ceremony that challenges the norm. Some highlights of this Jewish wedding were the intimate small circle signing of the ketubah, some surreal shots of the bridal party in downtown Denver, and of course, the madness of the reception, with the help of the band Raising Cain. Apart from the cain being raised, there were also glasses raised in toasts, and of course, perhaps our favorite part of every ceremony that is wise enough to include it, the raising of the bride and groom in their chairs as the family dances in circles around them to the tune of what is perhaps our new favorite song, Hava Nagila. The Brown Palace, a favorite historic hotel located downtown Denver, was the perfect reception setting for this couple and their friends and family that traveled from all around the United States.

Andrew and Nicole are two beautiful people who know how to put on a beautiful ceremony for their beautiful union. There's more to every wedding ceremony than cake and music, which of course is the lasting love and commitment of the bride and groom. This meaning was not lost on anybody at the ceremony, least of all the picturesque bride, Nicole. It was written all over her face and that's exactly the kind of face. Thanks to Andrew and Nicole for letting us be a part of this momentous event.

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