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Jamie | Dustin With a reception so packed, guests had to crawl under the tables to get out of their seats. This wedding celebration was the epitome of a party and everyone was welcome.

There is no country-themed wedding that could really pull off something like this unless you are actually in small-town America. Twenty people stand up for the bride and groom; the wedding dance opens up to the whole town; you breathe the naturally conditioned air; there's fear of the building collapsing upon jumping on the dance floor; but above all there's the feeling that nothing in the wedding matters as much as your neighbors, the people you have known your whole life.

This wedding was nothing short of a genuine celebration. We are so glad to have been there to capture it.

bride preparing for ceremony

flower girl


"Why do we need to try on our tuxes before the wedding?" Ask this groomsman.

bride and groom

wedding photograph

wedding party laughing

individual shots of groomsman

piggy back ride

laughing couple

kissing bride and groom

bride and groom

bride smiling

fun bridesmaids

maid of honor and bride

black tux and flower

groomsman going to the bathroom

groomsmen having fun

wedding party running

couple walking in wedding

groom dancing

One of the guests asked me if I thought it would be appropriate to crawl out from under the table to get out of their seat quicker. I told her it would be appropriate. I agreed that I wouldn't take any photos of her climbing out... I am always lying when I promise not to take any pictures. Though I would never tell anyone it was you, Jess.

wedding party enterance

shoe game

garter toss

dancing at reception

fine art photo of couple at wedding

cowboy hat