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Selah Photography | Featuring the Team There is a T-shirt I have from college that has a slogan on the back saying, "Team work makes the dream work." At the time, the phrase was nothing more than a cliche rhyme we labeled ourselves with...probably making fun of the words rather than finding any motivation in it.

As I document this post that houses such meaning to me, I can't think of any way to describe this "team" I have other than a collection of people who make my "dream" work.

Featured below are just a few of the players that have had a significant role in the success and progress of this blessed mess (oh the rhymes!).

Thankful isn't a big enough word to describe what it is like to have such great support.


This Minnesotan Photographer has been with me from the beginning. Life has taken us to different parts of the US, but Whitney still plays a significant role at Selah. A journalist at heart, she specializes in making written sense of my thoughts and documenting significant moments as a photojournalist. One of our greatest accomplishments this year was being published on Pictage's website with an article discussing Interactive Documentation.


Sarah was the one out of nearly a hundred applicants chosen to be my main second shooter for the past two seasons. She not only acted as a strong photojournalist but was my talking calendar on a wedding day. Her organizational skills kept track of me at weddings so that I could focus on being fully present in the moments I was capturing. I am still sobbing about her recent move, but look forward to hearing about the ways that new beginnings shape her life.

Nicole Nicole and I became good friends way back when we both were trying to get over our ex-boyfriend (who happened to be the same guy). I photographed her wedding almost four years ago and whenever I need a second photographer while in Nebraska she is always my top pick.

Ben Ben is a multi-talented photographer and graphic designer who was a strong back-up for many of Selah's 2010 and 2011 weddings. His relational and creative skills combine to make a fantastic partner and a fun person to socialize with.


This ultra talented guy and I met when he e-mailed me inquiring where to invest in photography equipment. A couple of years later he has become my number one second shooter and creative resource.

Brian Brian of Muntz and Liefde Photography has always been an incredible technical resource for me. He knows more than anyone should know about camera equipment. I was privileged to have him shoot with me for one of my favorite summer weddings.

Rachel This beauty is the creative fountain behind all of the albums and print products we produce. She is an incredible artist and friend.

Ellen | 3 Roads Media

This media team is without a doubt one of the best available. They are the brains behind Selah's website and the developers of Denver Band Photographer, which was released in June of 2011. Aside from their outstanding product, Ellen has been a vital contact and resource for the marketing and business aspects of Selah.

Rick Everyone can code a website, right? I figured out how wrong I was while in the midst of publishing my lifestyle photographer extended portfolio. Rick, a photographer and web designer, spent a lot of time walking me through Dreamweaver making this website a possibility.

Anna Last, but not least, I have photo-less Anna. The hardwork and talent behind the scenes that proofreads every blog posting along with doing many writing projects.

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