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I have the privilege of photographing this family a couple times a year. It is so fascinating to watch their development. The twins have matured greatly. As I was taking their photographs, Micah politely said, "Jackie, now about how many photos will we be taking?" After some negotiation, we agreed on five. My five is a lot more than their five. Every time we did a set we would count it as one. It didn't take many tricks to get them out of there "cheeeesssee" and document their joyful interaction and wonderful playful youth.

Miss Abi knows what she wants and won't settle for lagging behind her older brothers. She didn't care to sit down and smile, but when we got her playing and running around, Abi's simple joy and laughter was contagiously spilling out. As a kids photographer, photographing these kids is such a delight.

I love this family.

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