lifestyle newborn photographer in Denver

Jonathan Experiencing his second week of life, I was so honored to be a part of documenting this newborn's story. I followed him around his home to capture all of the little big moments that make parenthood so special. From his spit-ups to his yawns to his flailing the joy and anticipation where words aren't quite big enough. As a newborn photographer I want nothing more than to document all the beautiful details of living. These lifestyle photographs document the little pieces that mean so much in a child's life.

I was tempted to go through and put comments on many of the images. I'm not sure words are suited for these newborn portraits. The photographs are some of the best; I'm in love.

baby black and white portrait

baby spitting up

baby holding mom's hand

mother holding child

family hands

portrait of baby

The image above is my favorite. Mr. Personality is totally aware of what is going on.

mothers adoration

baby laying in crib

dad looking at son

father son photograph

baby laying in crib

baby headshot

beautiful baby portrait

baby photograph

grandma taking pictures of grandson