orange and cherry blossom wedding

Barry#86 | Danae#22 This wedding showed me that no matter how many times I photograph the same location, there are no two weddings that are the same. This is the fourth time I have photographed a wedding ceremony in the lovely town of Seward. I was concerned that I would begin to give repetitive imagery. As I resist doing the same things twice, I keep finding spots more unique every time.

I present to you a preview of unique wedding images taken at this orange wedding in Seward, Nebraska. This couple invited 900 people to the wedding. Thankfully, their final attendance was around 500 and there was enough food and seats for all their guests. The temperature was a record high for the 9th of April—86 degrees. The warmth brought the peak of newness as green colors and blossoms arrived for the couple's union. The symbolism was divinely appropriate.

ring in the grass

cherry blossoms blooming during wedding

bride walking down the isle

first look of bride and groom

kissing on steps

denver wedding photographer

bride excited about wedding

couple in trees

flower girl holding flowers

bride and groom standing in front of tree

ring bear crying

father walking daughter down the isle

groom as bride walks down isle

st johns church in seward

wedding party celebrating

orange bridesmaids dresses

wedding party on tractor

speech of best man

speech from maid of honor

groomsman in orange ties

bride and groom's first dance

father and daughter dancing