non-traditional wedding in denver

Non-traditional wedding in Denverfor Ross and Kiki

Have you ever seen a sushi bar at a wedding?

Every married couple has had that dreamy conversation when planning their wedding. Maybe, we could do some of our favorite things — like have an 80’s band, give all of our guests crazy sunglasses, project Bond: Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 on to a wall while serving our favorite cocktails with aspen tree twig and leaves in them. Then you fall asleep, the morning lightly remembers those fun ideas and your wedding planning goes on with the normal traditions in tact. I think you can see where I’m going with this. Ross and Kiki’s non-traditional wedding in Denver truly was an authentic, personality-filled celebration. We loved it so much we plan on calling Kiki to set it up again for our ten year anniversary.

A non-traditional and personality filled wedding calls for quality, unique photos such as these. Our focus was, romantic, fun and artistic. Those three pieces of Ross and Kiki’s story were a pleasure to tell. Any documentary style wedding photographer would bask in a wedding such as this and as you can tell, we were no exception.

If you know me well or have been a follower of my blog, you know I talk a lot about using photos as meaningful artwork. Ross and Kiki’s photos are a really great example of the way that I love to blend documentary style photography with fine art imagery. Let the artwork on your walls be an intimate reminder of your wedding day vows.

candid wedding pictures
candid wedding pictures
artsy wedding photographers in denver
artsy wedding photographers in denver
quirky wedding pictures
quirky wedding pictures

A special shout out to our favorite urban art gallery wedding venue, Space Gallery. The talented Bareroot Flora and Danielle from Entwined Planning.

Like to see more? Check out an extended preview of this modern Denver wedding below.

Still here? If you've made it this far, take a look back at Ross and Kiki's Denver engagement photos.

Hotel Boulderado Wedding

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Hotel Boulderado Wedding

If you look in Colorado's history books, they'll be filled with accounts of goldminers, ranchers, and the story of the Bouldorado hotel. One of Colorado's oldest hotels, in 1907 the Bouldorado's proprietor said, "I want to build an aesthetic establishment that will stand the test of time and years from now will still be one of the best Colorado wedding venues around." It must have been this quote that inspired Brian and Charlie to throw their classy and intimate celebration at this hotel.

With groomsmen who looked like Reservoir Dogs and bridesmaids who looked like.... Reservoir babes, the bride and groom, who have been dating since the 7th grade, put together a wonderful ceremony and party thereafter that included some unforgettable events like Charlie having a laughing attack upon hearing Brian's vows, a photo shoot with a colorful brick wall, one of our favorite wedding dresses we've seen this year, and a DJ whose music list was as perfect as his haircut was radical.

Often times the rule goes, "the bigger the wedding party, the harder the creativity" but Brian and Charlie are fun people who spend time with fun people and it was our pleasure to hang out with them and see continuously how their party was the exception to the rule. We're thankful we got to take part in a historical event and add another point of interest in the chronology of such a historical setting. These natural, photojournalistic wedding photos feature such personality and emotion. Enjoy.

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creative denver wedding photographer | jamie . michael

Michael | Jamie

Creative Denver Wedding Photographer

It didn't take me long to fall in love with this vibrant couple. It's not common for me to pursue clients...actually I'm not sure I ever have, Jamie and Michael being the exception. Their peaceful, artistic and joyful nature were just a few of the things that made me chase after them upon our first meeting over a year ago. "I know I will photograph you well," I assured them after getting a glimpse of what an awesome pair they are.

Polka? Yes, Polka. The traditional German reception involved dancing around in circles the whole night with intermittent stops for the pinning of a twenty dollar bill and a "sip" of tequila .

If my writing skills could describe this wedding as accurately as the imagery, I would contemplate making lists of all the things we loved. Instead, I'll fill you in as the story goes along and give you a short preview of everything that made this event magical.

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Unique Fashion Wedding Photography

I had the honor of photographing Jill and Ryan for their vintage post wedding session with Brian of Muntz Photography. These images were taken quite some time ago, but as I was sorting through digital files I found myself lost and inspired in this folder's images.The couple's brown suits were indeed the unique attire the bride and groom wore for their wedding. These images represent a new side of unique wedding photography. I love these photos so much. The unique wedding photographs were taken downtown Denver in the dark. The lighting and post production make these feel so dreamy. I just couldn't resist re-posting these.

headshot of couplecouple looking at each other fashion photo of couple green wall couple standing close bridge dreamy engagement couple dreaming favorite photo fashion wedding

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