telluride colorado wedding

A Telluride Colorado Wedding

Telluride Colorado. It's this little city far enough away that it avoids the feel of too much touristy traffic while making every visitor feel like they should live there. It's a place built for peace and pleasantry. A city obsolete from any chain restaurant or stuffy venue and really, is quite possibly the most perfect place in Colorado. The city is quietly becoming a very popular for destination weddings such as this one though I imagine most destination weddings held in Telluride of them were not quite this great.

Matt and Bubba's wedding was the most wonderful kind of Colorado destination weddings and a treat for a wedding photojournalist to document. It was close enough to home for most of their friends to drive yet far enough away to make it more than a celebration that lasts only a few hours. The wedding was built around having a great time with the people the couple love most in the world.

It's typical to see family and wedding party exuding emotion during the ceremony but not as typical for many of the guests to wiping away tears as the bride walks down the aisle. From the second we arrived at the wedding, we were able to tell how loved these two are by their friends and family. There was a elusive love that was shown by their dog Sally who seemed to appoint herself in hosting the wedding ceremony. She pranced around the open field where the wedding was held welcoming friends and family as they overlooked Wilson Peak, famous for it's feature in Coors advertising.


After vows were exchanged and all the guests emblazoned instagram with their selfies  we headed downtown to the Telluride Opera house for a 1920's accessoried and 1950's musiced party. Again, a celebration that had every guest on the edge of their seat invested in the last words of toasts and hours of jovial dancing. It was a party that everyone should get to have not once, but more than once in your lifetime. A celebration that reminds you that life's goodness is far greater than the most beautiful mountain scenes, perfect towns and well planned parities. It's in the people that you love the most.