Unique Della Terra Photographer | Colorado Destination Wedding

Della Terra Photographer | Colorado Destination Wedding | Steve . Jamie Every young girl dreams of her own wedding and has ideas of what it will be like someday. Then, that girl makes it to her mid twenties while still single, then she changes her dreams to "less Disney" and "more unique; not like all the cliche weddings you hear about." What most people don't realize however, is that almost nobody sticks to their guns when it comes time to make that immortal decision of "Will you really be wearing tuxedos and posing James Bondesque for the photos, or will you just have everybody jump in the air and/or stand at the altar together?" After shooting as many weddings as we have, it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain hope in the former, and not just because we at Selah are big Bond fans. Steve and Jamie were a refreshing drink of wedding couple creativity and we have several amazing photos to prove it.

Not only did we do the James Bondesque shoot, but there were other things involved that kept your assigned bloggers/photographers excited to be shooting out of book*. I'm talking handstands. I'm talking video games. I'm talking wild turkeys, deer, and a massive smoke cloud from a nearby forest fire. I am also, since you are still here, referring to Jamie's amazing wedding dress, which was a three piece ordeal involving some removable shell-like pieces that almost took her paragliding. After a full day of things like this, Steve and Jamie kicked off their first dance with a prepared tango at which point, DJ Matt Martindale (Amore DJ Entertainment) and Selah asked ourselves, "They must have been preparing this for years. What more could there be?" As it turned out, there weren't anymore shtick or theatrics, but instead Steve and Jamie spent the remainder of the night the best way possible: all of their friends and family enjoying each other on the dance floor.

It truly may have been one of the best-prepared and more fruitful weddings of the Selah catalog. We were so happy to be there and so thankful to get to spend time with with great group of people.

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*chess phrase, meaning something that hasn't happened before.