vintage DIY wedding

Vintage DIY Wedding I had my GPS on my dash, Google maps on my phone and my dad on the line (who has been everywhere ten times) trying to find the shortest way to a little museum. It was a privilege to celebrate Kody and Veronica's vintage "destination wedding" held in Alliance, Nebrasaka. I have posted somewhere within the text on my website, "The more we know you, the better we can do for you." For this wedding that statement is as true as ever. There is a unique sense of knowing that comes when you have grown up with one another. This wedding reminded me of how much I love people from Central Nebraska. I hope you experience nothing but the deepest blessings. Much love! The Wadas wedding...featuring Matt the usher/part Native American.

This is Veronica's party dress that she changed into the before the reception. The lace on the dress was from her grandmother's wedding dress, which was also the dress her matron of honor wore for her wedding. I'm thinking about giving a discount to people if they promise to let me do funny things with them. Kody has always been a ladies man. Veronica left him for a minute and elementary school girls began flocking. Dear Matt (on the far right) will you please be in all my weddings? What the heck is this, right? Carhenge. It is as ridiculous and wonderful in real life. The wedding colors were Peacock. walking bride down the isle We went into the museum after hours to get this award winning image.

After this moment I ran over to the videographers and said, "Documentation like this isn't justified by a photo. I was really glad it was covered by video too." girls catching the bouquet wedding party bridesmaids

The "true blues" Verons best friends all dressed in blue.