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“Life is so good you want someone to photograph it, to memorialize it for the rest of time so you can always remember how good it was. But your good life is not just you and your best friend smiling for the camera; it’s more than that. Jackie of Selah Photography is one of the few Denver wedding photographers who manages to capture the essence of what’s important, unique, and timeless.” Matt S, New York, NY.

““Wedding photojournalism is THE most important thing… And I honestly did not know or think that until I saw your work. I also never thought I was in the least bit photogenic until I saw our wedding photos and that is quite a gift to give to someone. To make them feel beautiful, known and understood.” Rachel G, Denver, CO

If you’ve not caught on by now, Jackie is Selah’s lead photographer. She’s an artistic wedding photographer who specializes in capturing emotion in a fine art, avant-garde, and photo-journalistic way for creative couples who want to do more than say “cheese.” Jackie and her husband/auxiliary shooter Matt are Denver-based urban-loving Wedding Photographers who are prepared to document you and your favorite people and make personal art pieces ready to hang on your wall–art that acts as a lens through which you re-experience life at its best.

I believe that tangible and visual memories of joy, love and life matter. Today we spend all day on our computers, we sit with our families in our living rooms stirring through strangers’ activity on social networks. We go to work early and stay late obtaining fulfillment from the check mark. It seems as if we are always looking for the good when really, the good is here…the good is found in the people we love who surround us. I think that your wedding day has to be one of the top three best days that life has to offer. I wish my husband and I could have a wedding once a year. Everyone you love in life has come together to celebrate you and it’s so emotionally intoxicating you forget to eat let alone retain the skills to remember what was going on. Through real, raw, artistic wedding photojournalism I want to give a collection of imagery and art pieces that allows you to be reminded of the  abundance found in the people that surround us.

“Capturing happiness; that is what we thought of when we looked at the work of Jackie of Selah Photography.” -Wedtog

Developing acclaim through her non-traditional style, Jackie’s been noted as one of the best Colorado wedding photographers. Jackie has had numerous modern wedding photographs published worldwide as well as award-winning images selected by the International Society of Professional Wedding photographers and Fearless Photographers. In 2011 she was voted one of Denver’s best photographers in the Denver A-List competition and noted as on of Denver’s top artistic wedding photographers by CNN local. She is one of the few unique wedding photographers to specialize in unifying natural wedding photographs with fine art imagery for a style that is timeless despite shifting trends.

We have a special and unique style and have special and unique places we love to go. There are many mountain and overseas locations we will jump at, but our heart is found in the city. Specializing in downtown Denver wedding photography, you could put us at a Four Seasons wedding, a Denver Art Museum wedding or the Kevin Taylor Opera House and we will flourish in the dark lighting, busy surroundings, shapes and colors.

Destination Wedding documentation, next door or around the block…

Colorado Wedding Photographer Jackie of Selah specializes in urban, artistic weddings in Denver and beyond. Jackie and her crew are international frequent fliers and ready to stamp a passport for your destination wedding, be it nearby Vail or nearby Tuscany.

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