Bona-fide heirlooms for the sentimental, photography-loving couple.

 “They told the exact story of how each person felt that day.  Not a glossy, posed version of the truth, but how it actually went.  It was imperfect and loud and colorful and emotional and real…and they captured it all.”

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Denver Wedding Photojournalist

MEET JACKIE Selah’s lead photographer. She’s a Denver wedding photojournalist who specializes in capturing emotion in a fine art, avant-garde, and photo-journalistic way for creative couples who want to do more than say “cheese.” Jackie and her husband/auxiliary shooter Matt are Denver-based urban-loving, artistic wedding photojournalists who are prepared to document you and your favorite people and make genuine, personal art pieces ready to hang on your wall–art that acts as a lens through which you re-experience life at its best.


Jackie has had numerous modern wedding photographs published worldwide as well as award-winning images selected by the International Society of Professional Wedding photographers and Fearless Photographers. In 2011 she was voted one of Denver’s best photographers in the Denver A-List competition and noted as one of Denver’s top artistic wedding photographers by CNN local. Developing acclaim as a non-traditional wedding photographer, Jackie’s been noted as a top Denver wedding photojournalist.



Wedding Photojournalists

Everyone you love and know gather in one room to celebrate you. We believe this experience is one of the best life has to offer and we want your wedding photojournalism to reflect that. Storytelling style photography for couples who wan to do more than say “cheese.”

Natural Wedding Photographers

Naturally directed and unposed wedding photos for couple’s who want to remember more than what everyone looked like smiling at the camera.


“This is the type of wedding photography you would hang on your walls even if you aren’t the bride and the groom.” -Josh, Los Angeles, CA

Urban Wedding Photographers

Unlike many photographers you will find in the area, we love photographing in the city. Put us in room with bad lighting, on top of a building or a downtown in rush hour and you’ve found a favorite place of ours to photograph people.



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