Hotel Jerome Wedding | Aspen | Photojournalism


Maclen and Ashleigh - Knot at the Same Time or Two Lawyers Walked into a Bar...

A hotel Jerome wedding in Aspen

When young girls fantasize their future weddings they often include Disney-centric images of castles and waterfalls. This is likely because they have not yet been to Aspen, CO in the early Fall, where Maclen and Ashleigh recently brought a fantasy to fruition, and tied a beautiful knot at the same time. 

Maclen and Ashleigh were our favorite wedding of the year, and just because their destination renewed our appreciation of oxygen. The mountainous backdrop and fresh air setting of the town set the stage for beauty and authenticity, starting with an environmental ambiance and complemented with relational love among best friends in a hotel room, siblings in a tearful backstage embrace, and of course in the depth behind the gaze of Maclen and Ashleigh as they see a joy-filled future smiling in front of them. 

The love and genuinity among the bridal and wedding guests was a congruous flow of laughter and awe, garnished by some musical southern accents and some very well-played and tasteful teasing (specifically the toasts; one of which involved physical handouts, audience participation, and mild theatrics). By the end of the night the photographers and vendors felt like we too were in on the inside jokes, and I think this speaks to the nature of the people telling them. 

As our closer to this year’s wedding season we’re reminded about how much fun other people can be, and how cool it is to appreciate eccentricities and taste. We’re honored to be able to do what we do. As we consider the case of Maclen and Ashleigh, we now find ourselves conflicted with lawyer jokes because they end up more like this: “Two lawyers walked into a bar. Everyone applauded and had a great time and was grateful to be with them.”

A special thanks to Jane Floyd with Bluebird Productions for the lovely wedding planning and orchestration of the event!