Candid Wedding Photography | Boulder Wedding

The First Look can be done several different ways, but it is usually just the groom seeing his bride for the first time and the photographers capturing that reaction. Sometimes family members try to sneak a glimpse from afar or peek around the corner, but at its essence, it’s a brief and private and real moment shared just by those two on a celebrated day. If we do our job right, we can later share what their faces looked like in the moment of realizing, “this is the rest of my life looking their best.” Nick and Gracie however, were kind enough to share that moment all night long.


After watching them react and share and laugh with each other and the people around them, it occurred to me that Gracie seems to know some secret about how a life is meant to be lived. Nick, of course, is a large part of that. These two truly emoted more than maybe any couple we’ve ever shot. They never needed coaching. It was just nonstop photogenic human affection surrounded by ornate Persian craftsmanship all night long.


This was our last wedding of the season and it was the perfect one to end on. It was one of those jobs where you fall in love with your clients and find yourself crying and laughing behind the camera. Nick and Gracie knew themselves and they it enabled them to love others around them. It was magnetic, it was joyous, and it was a great reminder of why we love what we do.