best wedding photography of the year

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Best wedding images of the year

This blog posting concludes my series recalling the "best of" categories for 2011. Throughout the nearly hundred thousand images that fill up terabytes of space on my computer, I would like to highlight a small fraction of the memories that reflect the freshness and focus of what I strive after in my pursuit of genuine and unique work. I went nearly six hours without blinking as I flew through all of these photographs. I conclude my sorting filled with humility, happiness and thankfulness. Thanking my couples for allowing me to be so personal with them, thanking God for the impulse, technology, knowledge and movement that allow these images to be documented and thankful for all of the supportive assistants, partners, friends and family that make this wonderful career a reality. I'm humble in knowing that the gift was given and that if it wasn't for the beauty of the subject, the gift would be dormant. All of it is topped off with pure happiness...the visual narratives do genuinely reflect the goodness of life. [/flo_one_half] [flo_one_half_last padding="20px 20px 20px 20px" class="" ] portrait of couple downtown

unique, fine art image of couple at wedding[/flo_one_half_last]

Below are the 150 best images of 2011. Enjoy and please leave a party photograph

couple walking away in the mountains

photograph of couple in red car


candid photograph of little girl at wedding


bride and groom at first dance

bride and groom

couple laughing

fine art couple's photograph

couple jumping

photograph of bride

bird cage veil

first dance

unique photograph of brides dress

artistic photograph of wedding

unique wedding photograph

abstract portrait of couple's engagement

meaningful photograph

wedding party running and jumping

downtown denver photographer

candid photograph of wedding

photograph of bride putting on makeup

photojournalistic photograph of couple dancing

photograph of couple walking in at reception

unique bridal image

couple laughing

couple laughing together at wedding

bridal photographer

groom getting brides garter

reception traditions

black and white photograph of pearls

dancing of wedding guest

fine art couples photograph

fashion-like engagement photograph

great indoor photograph

unique reception image

all inclusive photography featuring the reception

landscape photograph at wedding

red rocks wedding photograph

bride walking at wedding

black and white photograph of couple at wedding

funny image of bride

photograph of vintage bride and groom

wedding reception

couple riding in fire truck

engagement portrait

red rocks engagement

creative wedding image

red rocks photographer

first dance

engage photographs

beautiful wedding photograph

bouquet toss

reception venue in lincoln nebraska

photograph of bride and groom walking

bride wearing light dancing

couple together at wedding

dad looking at daughters ring

catholic wedding

unique and abstract engagement photograph

wedding photographer


flower girl standing on vent

beautiful image of bride

getting ready image

emotional image at wedding

maid of honor walking down with coffee


artistic engaged photograph of couple

wedding ring

fun image of couple's engagement

engagement portrait

candid portrait

dancing bride and groom

unique engagement photographs

black and white wedding photographer

dancing couple

bride wearing a bird cage veil

wedding photographer

bride and grooms first dance


photographer of weddings

bride blowing her nose

painting like wedding photographs

wedding photography

city park wedding photo

exit photograph

unique photograph

karaoke at wedding

vintage image

downtown denver wedding image

father daughter dance at wedding

first look

bridal portrait

dancing reception

sleeping flower girl

green photograph

unique shoe photograph

candid groomsman

bride headshot

creative wedding party shot

old house

preparation of wedding

ceremony image

fashionable engagement portrait

yellow aspen tree

yellow aspen tree photographs

creative image

creative liner wedding photograph

dancing wedding portrait

father daughter dance

creative wedding image

emotive wedding image

red rocks image

brick wall black and white engagement photograph

garter toss

bride and hotel

first dance photograph

flower girl at wedding

candid engagement photograph

photograph of reception

castle_like_reception venue

bride and grooms entrance at wedding


brides dress

fun photograph

bride and groom

emotional photograph of mother of the bride

photograph of couple band-like

couple hugging in black and white image

artistic wedding photograph

first dance of bride and groom

creative vintage image

fire truck exit

bride and groom at vail mountain weddingut their impact on you in the comment section below.