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Colorado Wedding Planner | Rachel Hagen | Talia Events "Things are planned and executed with efficiency, less stress and more enjoyment."-Rachel

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Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life. It’s an incredible celebration that raises much anticipation and excitement, but also a fair amount of stress and anxiety. To the typical bride and groom, the details to be decided before the big day often seem unending. A modern asset that many couples are discovering is wedding planners. Selah Photography has been blessed to be able to work with some great wedding planners this past season and we would like to take a moment to highlight a Colorado Wedding Planner, Rachel Hagen, and her outstanding work at Talia Events.

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Talia Events is based out of Boulder, Colorado and is preparing to embark on their third season in the business. Rachel has worked across the state in numerous Front Range and mountain locations. Her outstanding work has been featured on many elite wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty and Bona Fide Bride.

A wedding planner takes on several roles in assisting the couple. Many organized brides and grooms may believe that they can handle the planning on their own, yet don't take into consideration the amount of time and energy before and during the wedding day that this involves. If a bride knows she wants to have a wedding in the mountains, she may turn to friends and family and ask where they have been and go ahead and book one of the few recommended venues. If you tell a planner you want to get married in the mountains, they will have numerous venues, connections and inside experience ready to educate you so that the best decision can be made. wedding dress Chris Gentile Photography

A large portion of a planner's time is dedicated to experienced organization, along with a significant time investment resting in the wedding design and aesthetic. "I have met many professionals who are talented organizers and planners but not as many that are also strongly gifted in design as Rachel is," Jackie of Selah Photography says. Alongside of the staple utilities, Talia Events specializes in a wide range of custom and reputable services. “I believe that each client, and thus each wedding, is different. I don’t offer set packages. I customize my offerings according to what I think will be most helpful to clients,” Rachel says. She builds her business on a lifetime of planning events with ten years of corporate planning to extenuate her experience before creating Talia Events.

This wedding planner specializes in full wedding day coordination and will be with you through every step of the planning process. She will recommend reputable and professional vendors, assist with pacing the planning process to relieve stress, offer expert and personal consultation, and work with each individual to develop a unique style for their special day. On the actual day, Rachel provides Wedding Day Coordination so that you do not have to worry about any of the details and can simply enjoy your celebration.

From a photographer's perspective, I can’t emphasize how significant this vendor's role is in your wedding day experience. It is the one day in your life where all of your closest friends and family come together for an intricate, emotional and significant day...celebrating you. The last thing I want to see brides doing is running around making sure someone is lighting the candles or solving unpredictable problems at the last minute. The direction and organization that a planner provides maximizes time, relaxes the couple and adds value to every aspect of your experience. The couple can be present and enjoy their day to its fullest. Rachel explains that, “At the heart of it, for most couples, you’ve never done this before. I have. There’s a level of expertise and experience that means things are planned and executed with efficiency, less stress and more enjoyment.” Many clients have a vision of what they want, but don’t know how to turn those dreams into a reality. That’s where the experience of a wedding planner becomes invaluable.

“I see a large part of my role in guiding clients through the planning process as a host of emotions come and pass.” Rachel also encourages that it is normal to feel overwhelmed and not know where to begin. She will assist you in sorting out your thoughts in order to transform them into a tangible and enjoyable wedding.

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When planning a modern wedding, the assistance and expertise of a wedding planner is priceless. If you are looking for help in transforming the images of your wedding day that have been building in your mind into a reality, Talia Events is exactly the company you need. Their professional staff will take the time to personally get to know you and help you through every step of the wedding planning process.

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We at Selah Photography can personally say that we look forward to working with Rachel and her staff in the near future!