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Colorado Mountain Destination Wedding | Ryan . Andi Though it has never been proven, it is often said that that most photographers, if asked, would say that their dream job is to work for National Geographic, thereby enabling them to take photos in breathtaking landscapes while onsite in a beautiful location. That's why when Selah is asked which was their favorite destination wedding in Colorado, Ryan and Andi's is near the top of the list.

Tucked away in Golden in a location that many GPS would struggle to locate, is the sylvan wonderland that is the vacation of many years of Ryan's family. Included in the surroundings is an ocean of Rockies, lending us the opportunity for the best Colorado mountain photos we've been able to capture under 14,000 ft. The only thing that could improve the scenario would be a wonderful, outdoor wedding with a lovely bride, a dashing groomsmen, straw bale seating, and a dog with a bow tie. Lucky for those of us in attendance - Ryan and Andi delivered. For many, the location (and bow tie dog) would be enough, but it didn't stop there. The ceremony itself included wonderful music, and some sincere longstanding nuptial traditions. the pastor asked at the beginning if anyone who opposed the union would speak out (and no one did) and when Ryan and Andi gave their personal vows, there wasn't a dry eye in the straw bale patch (for the record, even Moe, the dog, was crying during that part). It was truly was a beautiful ceremony.

As for the reception, the food and desserts were gastronomically comparable to the landscape. And to boot, the photo booth on the deck, the band Mike Beck and the Bohemian Saints, and the disco light dance party downstairs near the billiard room was a real tour of enjoyment for everyone brave enough to stay through dark and ride the shuttle bus back to the hotel.

Though the goal of the event was not to strike envy in the hearts of National Geographic photographers, it certainly had that potential. Aesthetic often times gets overlooked, but it's people like Ryan and Andi that keep it alive, even as they're off on a honeymoon through Northwest American, sleeping in a trailer with their bow tied dog, Moe.

Also, a special thanks to some new vendor friends of ours who did an outstanding job, We the Tie Knots, the wedding planners, and Chipper Booth, easily the best Denver photo booth company we've ever worked with.

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