boulder engagement photographers

Boulder engagement photographers

Tim and Katie

Within a couple mile radius we were able run into many of Tim and Katie's favorite things. Starting on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado we documented their first favorite thing, each other, alongside of nature, culture, chocolate, and sentimental spaces.

Often when couples are trying to decide the when's and where's of their engagement session I recommend that they focus the session around things that they love. Coming from someone who does this for a living I ask the question...really, why engagement photos? What makes this important to you? Is this something that will be in the bottom of a box in a few years or do you want it to be more? For my clients, I can hand them a photo where they look like they are straight off of a magazine cover yet, if it doesn't mean something or doesn't feel real to them, it's not worth it. The type of documentation I specialize in shows you, you. It remembers more than just what you look like.

Tim and Katie's engagement photographs so accurately represent why I believe engagement photos are important and timeless. I think that a stranger could look at these and make a pretty accurate guess about how genuine and happy these two are. After spending some time with these natural engagement photos you will get what I mean.

Thank you Tim and Katie for sharing your story and being so great.

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