colorado wedding photography

Colorado Wedding Photography

for Max and Courtney

This was one of those weddings that little girls dream about. I imagine Courtney and her girlfriends having sleep overs, laying in the dark and whispering about what they wanted their weddings to be like. Little did they know, she was probably dreaming with a couple of the girls who would actually be bridesmaids. She was probably hoping her wedding would be on a mountain in Vail; the place where her family vacationed frequently. And just maybe, she would meet her husband skiing at the same location they would be married. In fact, as fate would have it, Vail is where Max met Courtney.  Specifically, the two met near the Vail mountain lodge known as The 10th, a location Colorado Wedding Photographers love as much as Colorado skiers. It would be years later that the two would have their wedding in that same location.

Everyone dearest to Courtney and Max were present. There were so many people in attendance that the couple rented out the entire Tivoli hotel and had twelve attendants on each side. The friends that stood up with them came from every chapter of their biography between childhood and professional life. The wedding celebrated everything they loved in life and every piece of the weekend was polished and treated with the prestige a celebration like this should have.

Wedding days are just as much about who you are and who has come along with you as where the bride and groom are going after their vows are complete. It's this interesting climax in a couple's lives where every piece of life comes together and the two no longer walk as individuals. The emotion in these photographs share what it feels like for the couple and everyone around them. A story of hundreds of embracing hugs, a day where everyone looks their best and eats like kings. A time when there are no limits on emotion and excitement. A story that's really best suited for several albums' worth of documentary style photographs that bridge between words not being quite enough for a story so great.

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Want to see more? Check out the video below for an extended preview of the Key wedding.