denver engagement photos

REI engagement session. "What is the strangest thing you have ever photographed a couple doing?" asked Rachel. "Wearing fake mustaches," I quickly replied. Though the strangest, also the best in my eyes. You both are so much fun and I can't wait until the wedding. Let me tell you a little about Aaron and Rachel, but words might ruin the story. Their personalities shine brightly through these photos. Where were these photos taken, you might wonder. Along the Platte river right next to REI it is. it features the best of all worlds. Backgrounds of brick and the urban sky along with a Colorado-like river rapids. You can swim here too--just see.

Rachel was telling me how taking photos was initially an awkward thing. To make things "less awkward" I told her how being photographed is kind of like going to the gynecologist. Though the person feels strange about it, the professional does stuff like this all the time...sometimes I think it's better if I just don't say anything. Cheesman Park engagment session

Aaron wanted some of just himself. Actually, I don't think he did, but I trust that you will enjoy this image anyway.

Some of our friends at Cheesman Park were playing a little background music to set the mood.

This one is my favorite. It changes the pace of your breathing. It takes the right couple for me to let them go without any prompting. Most don't quite know how to handle it. During this portion of the shoot I kept my mouth shut, waiting to see what would happen. This is all them :)

I feel like something funny happened at this point but I can't really remember. Possibly my "assistant" was asking for help? Alright guys, give me your best smiles! Yes, they were in the river with no shoes at the beginning of November.

My new assistant was following us around asking if we needed any help. Upon continual reassurance that we were fine, he asked to take a picture with me. I had Rachel take one too. I love a man with a disposable camera. You guys are really going to be surprised when he shows up at your wedding with me. Go ahead and add Jackie "plus one"

Rachel is from Wisconsin. If only we had cash on hand there would have been a brat in this image. And now for the "best of" section. These are wonderful. You both are great! I can't wait for the wedding! Let us know what you think? Review us on Yelp