colorado engagement sessions

Colorado engagement sessions

These two. They are the perfect picture of a Colorado couple. If the state had a homecoming king and queen it  would likely be Pat and Larissa. They are the sweet couple who knows and loves the most authentic places Denver has to offer, yet they spend most free weekends exploring the offerings of the Colorado mountains. They are modern, progressive, and down to earth. Their rescued dog travels everywhere he can go. They are awed by nature, naturally exploring it in red lipstick with the perfect glass of wine waiting for them after their trip home.

They are picture of all things great about being in Colorado. Their photos tell us why the geography is wonderful and why the people who live in it are just as great.


] You may be looking at these pictures and wondering, "How do I get photos like these?" As you may have figured out, there is no "best place to go for engagement photos" or "list of things you must wear in your pictures to look great."  What's the trick to getting authentic Colorado engagement photos like Pat and Larissa? Where do you go, what do you do? Search until you find the photographer that speaks your language. Search until you find an eye you love. Narrow down the list of things you love most and collaborate with your photographer to help you find the perfect location to tell your story. Look in your closet and find something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Be ware of blogs and overly-trendy ideas. Remember authenticity never goes out of style. A special thanks to Crown Social for being so gracious in letting us photograph in their space.

unique engagement photographer

unique engagement photographer

for Corey and Megan

They told me that they're always looking for the most unique things: a philosophy that is so ingrained into my being that I not only was honored they chose me but completely understood the vision for wanting something different. Unique engagement photography doesn't have to be a shoot so avant-garde it has the capacity for going viral. It doesn't have to be strange or trendy.

What exactly is considered to be "unique" when we are talking engagement photography? How do you find a unique engagement photographer? Selah is all about making your engagement photos an heirloom, and for that to happen I believe they must be unique, my answer is simple.


The photos need to be you and the photographer should look to find your story.

 We went to the mountain park in their backyard. The place where they take their dogs frequently, the location they watched fireworks on the fourth of July. These photos were taken in their new downtown apartment. We stepped out on the stoop they speak of so fondly, walked down the street to the concert venue that lead them to a special night. They rode their bikes, shared the places they do life at and displayed the love they share for each other in the midst of the familiar surroundings. It's photos like these that are more than engagement pictures. It's photos like these that lead to stories after stories of living. They show who you are and where you've come from. This is Megan and Corey, their story.

artistic authentic wedding photography

artistic authentic wedding photography

2015 in review

I’m not sure if it's that we become more aware of the world as we get older or we really are in a time when things are much darker and uncertain on a global scale. With all the headline felonies, religious persecution, poverty and injustice in 2015 it’s hard not to grieve over the threatening darkness that covers the peace and freedom we all seek and expect. Yet, as I sit here looking out the window during this still, winter evening I rest as the snow so silently covers all things sitting peacefully. I look through these images of all the love we’ve seen this year and know that despite the darkness, there is nothing that can truly steal joy.


 Photographing weddings is quite satiating for curious observers like Matt and myself. We have front row seats to what is one of the most significant days of someone’s life. We’ve taken nearly a hundred thousand photographs in 2015 and have whittled the collection down to 136 moments to feature. It’s interesting to see which images we impulsively share in our year wrap up. We’ve never been the type to spend most of our time helping you remember posed images, trends, details or photos that only show what was happening on the outside. Emotion in its artistic expression has always been one of our favorite things to photograph. This year we've refined those skills and are proud to share a set of artistic, authentic wedding photography that is some of our best.

It's an honor to use all these wonderful people to tell you about happiness and authenticity. I’m featuring over thirty couples, mainly based or rooted in Denver. Most couples are similar in age, demographic and style. Though I can see many of them being friends with each other, every couple is so beautifully unique and their stories reflect their personhood and relationship so accurately.

A very special thank you to everyone we photographed this year for sharing so much of yourselves. The impact that you have on us is great. Despite the headlines and uncertainty, life is good.

Thanks for the significant reminder of that.

engagement photos denver

Engagement Photos Denver

Here’s to hoping that Bruce and Ellen have plenty of room on their walls for some new art work.

The honor was mine in following Bruce and Ellen around Denver for a day in the life, documented-date engagement session.  We started at Little man, walked through their neighborhood in the Highlands, shot on the balcony of their office building and finished at Z-Cuisine, the couples (and my new) favorite restaurant. There are many paths you can take when deciding where to have your engagement session in Denver, however, I’m always quick to encourage making the engagement sessions focus centered around their story and this is a pristine example.

Even after photographing hundreds of couples, I find that each session is special and this one for many reasons was no exception. There are many people who have helped me along the way as an artist-business owner but none who have been quite as impacting as this bride to be. She’s an entrepreneur with a heart for creatives and along my journey when I’ve needed support most, she’s been one to advise Selah to greater places. These images will always hold a dear place in my heart.  Interested in doing your own unique engagement session in Denver? If you're looking to do engagement photos Denver has many options to choose from. Looking for a personal, meaningful and one of a kind session? Consider it a documented date and start with the following questions when deciding where to go:

  • What activities do you both enjoy?
  • Are there any spots that you frequent?
  • Are there any places that tell your story well? What about the spot you first met? The place you fell in love?

Maybe it's making breakfast together or sitting on your patio after work. Sometimes the simplest of things are most meaningful.

denver engagement sessions

Denver engagement sessions

f you’ve run by this post by chance, you may have been sifting though Googles many Denver engagement sessions looking for engagement photos that are different. If you’ve come across it intentionally, you are probably a dear person to Matt and the prettiest Bubba you will ever meet. Either way, this engagement session will be a treat. If could write about one thing over and over it would be this;

Make your engagement photos more than engagement photos.

Engagement photos don’t have to simply be a pretty picture of you standing in front of a charming background. They don’t have to be something that trends or gets placed in a picture frame in the back of your guest room. You may be thinking, alright, let’s make my engagement photos more than your basic pictures. Simultaneously wondering what that actually means and desiring some practical ways to make this happen. I can’t tell you the exact formula for making your engagement photos authentically you. The process and product will be as unique as the steps that brought the two of you to where you are today.

denver engagement session
denver engagement session

However, I do have a a few guiding lines that will point you in your unique direction. [/flo_image_text]

  1. Photograph in a place that lends itself to your story. In Matt and Bubba’s case, they are seitan buffalo wing devotees, music enthusiasts, Denver dwellers for life and art lovers. They didn’t choose one location on my list of popular places to go, rather sought out their destinations based upon spots that showed who they are. Where are your favorite places to be? Let’s shoot there.
  2. Think beyond Facebook and save-the-dates. What is going to make a special photo 30 years from now? Think of the hands that will be holding these images, what do you want to tell them about life in 2015.
  3. Re-think your wardrobe. Make sure your clothing, hair and makeup is an authentic portrayal of you. Maybe buying the latest and most expensive outfit isn’t your best option. Wear something you would wear on a date night out - put on your go-to jeans.
  4. When your session is over, get your photos off of your computer. Computers and digital files haven’t been around long enough for us to really understand their fragility. Most of our generation still lives in a world where the majority of our childhood pictures are in printed form. The likelihood of a digital image being permanent is as likely as it was that a floppy disk would be a long term solution for storage. Print your photos or take it a step further, make a photo box or a coffee table book. Allow your engagement photos to be a sought after heirloom for those  that come after you. I recommend checking out Artifact Uprising and Make and Stow for pristine storage solutions.

We are so excited to be traveling to Telluride on a couple of weeks to celebrate this couple’s wedding. Check back for more great photos and inspiration on how to be authentic in your photos soon.

engagement photos

natural engagement photographs
natural engagement photographs

Engagement Photos

Every couple is so unique, but the good ones always have something on common.

Russ was able to verbalize it so well during our session, "She makes me look good; Diana makes me better." He was specifically talking about the pictures but I could tell they make each other better in many aspects of life. Whether it's that couples are made for each other or they grow into being made for each other, these two have arrived at that place of love.

Every couple is so unique.

Despite having a significant commonality like love, every story, every connection, every personality is distinct. It's something that is quite obvious to me in the short-quality filled time I spend with each at a session. Even if I were to take each couple to the same spot at the same time of day, no two sessions would be alike. If a couple were to look at an image in my portfolio and say, "that's not really me." I would agree and take it as a compliment. The goal in doing a couple's engagement photos is to authentically capture a set of photos unlike anyone else's. We want the photos to be a process in creating an heirloom that is authentically them.This session is such a great example of authentic documentation.

How does it happen? It begins with listening and interacting and usually ends up with the couple leaving a special mark on our hearts. Even within an hour and a half's time it's amazing how much I can fall in love with a couple such as Diana and Russ. After about five minutes into taking their engagement photos I felt like I should have hired them and not the other way around. They are clearly beautiful on the outside but being photogenic and taking great engagement photos requires a lot more than just being physically attractive. The prepossessing draw in these images is their love.

top engagement photographers in Denver
top engagement photographers in Denver

Russ and Diana will wed in October. I'm certain the wedding will be quite beautiful. Check back soon.

denver engagement photographer


Denver engagement photographer

To achieve perfection in the race of humanity is something usually confined to skilled bowlers and spelling bee contestants, however, in my opinion, these photos of Chris and Kristin are a great example of what the perfect engagement session looks like. As a Denver engagement photographer, you would think I end up photographing at the same spots over and over again. However, I’m always encouraging couples to take their engagement pictures at a location that is most special to them and without hesitation, these two chose "Pablo’s on 6th." It’s a little coffee shop right down the street from an old Apartment they had together and was an area where they both spent a lot of time. The setting was a perfect backdrop for the making of an heirloom. I can’t help but imagine what kind of story these images will tell when looking back at them 50 years from now.

They grabbed a couple of cookie-like props and we began photographing. It sounds simple, right? I’ll just be candid in saying that engagement photos can be scary and the thought of having them taken can feel awkward.

While most couples feel this, they don’t always talk about it so allow me to share Chris and Kristen’s light-hearted vulnerability and tell you that they felt awkward at the thought of taking engagement photos. You’re strolling around in a public place with someone you barely know asking you to cuddle and be yourself while they sit there, stare at you and tell you you’re beautiful. You’re not sure if you agree, based on how surreal the whole experience feels.

Chris and Kristin were a couple not unlike many others. They knew they wanted engagement pictures, they knew what they liked and what they didn’t like - but still - it can feel like an uncomfortable experience. I wanted to put them on the spot because most people would never believe that was the case when looking at their photos. I think they were able to quickly let their guard down and as you can see, get a set of beautiful, authentic engagement photos. [/flo_image_text]

What do you do when you’re worried about your photo experience being awkward and inauthentic? The first thing is to hire a photographer who you feel comfortable with and trust. Hire them for their vision and directing skills. From there, choose a location you’re comfortable with, wear clothing you feel good in and approach it with an open mind. Your photographer is there to photograph you, not a posed, perfected version of your relationship.

non-traditional engagement photos

downtown denver engagement session
downtown denver engagement session
denver engagement session
denver engagement session


non-traditional engagement photos

The more I photograph couples, the more I realize that engagement photos can be so much more than simply engagement photos. I’ve been asked quite a bit recently about engagement pictures trending and them being something that’s not as popular anymore. I haven’t noticed this with my clients but I can see why. If the purpose of the pictures don’t go far beyond Facebook and maybe your save-the-date, what’s the point? I encourage my couples to approach their engagement photos with a similar mindset as their wedding photos. I’m a sentimental heirloom lover and I want wedding and engagement photos to be nothing short of that. It’s common to see black and white pictures of people’s grandparents or great-grandparents framed on their mantle. I don’t have any of mine, but wish I did. It’s usually this beautiful, historic portrait that shows the era and highlights the physical beauty of the person. However, the image doesn’t show much if anything about their personality. It doesn’t share their story, what they cared about or how they felt. We’ve come up with a solution. 

 Our modern, personality-filled, non-traditional engagement photography offers a new light to traditional photography. It’s more than a capture of what you look like; it’s an image that vulnerably remembers what life is like. When my bride and grooms meet with me, they get my approach and see the images that tell a story. However, many have great questions, the main one being, how do you get to know us? The process is so much a part of me it’s hard to explain logically. One specific way is a set of pointed questions. I was so excited about the way Liz answered hers below I thought I should put a few of hers on display for everyone to see how cool these two are and learn a little more about how to brainstorm through your story-telling, non-traditional engagement photos .

Liz's planning 1) City vs. Rural: Urban City. Since our wedding is going to be in the mountains, we decided that we want to have our photos taken in the city. 2) Modern/Artistic: Since all of our wedding photos will be more earthy, we want to take modern/artistic engagement photos. 3) Describing us: We used to live on 15th & Champa and we think it would be fun to take some of our photos downtown. We used to walk our dog along the cherry creek trail, so maybe we could take a few photos there. Our first date was at a pub on 15th & Wazee, called the Wazee supper club. Maybe it would be fun to take some photos outside/inside that area.

mountain engagement photos

mountain engagement photos
mountain engagement photos


Mountain engagement photos

It's easy to dismiss beauty, especially when it's become  familiar and accessible. I imagine that is as true of the mountains as it is of friendships, family and even marriage. We don't always realize the magnitude of these gift because, well, we already have them. It's been a bit since I photographed in the mountains and though this location is only 30 minutes from my house, I easily forgot the wonder of this piece of creation. People fly in from all around the world to spend the weekend in the mountains and even fly across the country to have mountain engagement photos. Yet, for people to live here, it's so easy to dismiss.

The mountains are an appropriate background for a couple who is soon to enter in to marriage. They offer a setting that is one of the most majestic. You enter in to it with an initial sense of awe, followed by a lot of intentional and necessary effort. Climbing over barriers, re-directing, resting, enjoying, re-hydrating and sometimes asking for help. The experience allows you to encounter one of the worlds most beauty filled settings, requesting some give and take to undergo it at its best.

mountain engagement pictures  colorado
mountain engagement pictures colorado

 These photos are of Dani, Sean and their beautiful dog. I always encourage people to bring the things that are most special to them in their engagement photos and especially for Colorado couples, having their dog in engagement photos is a must. When deciding what to wear for their engagement photos, the couple decided on two outfits, one more casual and one dressier. I overall always recommend that couple's choose clothing choices that are very them. Going out and buying the latest thing isn't always the best choice. Choose clothing that is you - something that you feel best in and that paints a picture of your character during this stage in your life. Think of these engagement photos as heirlooms, not simply photos you'll post for your friends to momentarily see. 

candid engagement photographer

fine art photographs of engagement
fine art photographs of engagement

Normally when I photograph couples I plan on nailing one or two fine art photos - the hang on your wall - this is an engagement photo? - artsy type of image. Maybe it was the freshness of Spring or the gentle yet intense love of these two, or the espresso I had at the beginning of the session, but whatever it was, there was something about Kip and Pryia that encouraged artwork to flow out of me.

Overall, our focus was to get a set of happy engagement pictures. I love focusing on being a

candid engagement photographer

It's an approach towards photographing that documents relationship and personhood. I hope to encourage the invisibility of the camera and pronounce the joy of the engaged couple and their happiness. It's usually fairly easy to get happy engagement photos when the couple is indeed, quite happy. There is no posing or perfectly lit smiles in this session. Rather a grouping of authentic, joy-filled imagery.

We toured Boulder

I believe every photoshoot should begin at a coffee shop. Therefore I was elated when Pryia told me that this was her vision for the shoot long before the couple was engaged. Appropriately so, as it was the setting in which the two had first met. After an espresso, we did a tour of Boulder - the city where they began as a couple then considered home for many years.

Their wedding is set for the end of May. Check back soon for the rest of their story. 

candid engagement photographs
candid engagement photographs
photoshoot at boulder coffee shop
photoshoot at boulder coffee shop

unposed engagement photos


Unposed engagement photos

I've been really encouraging my engaged couples to re-focus the intention of their engagement photos. I suggest that the couple wear clothing they already own, go to places that are special, bring items that tell their story and overall, make these photos an heirloom. I think about the stories they will be telling generations from now. Back when many of our parents were getting married, they took one engagement photo for the newspaper. The intent of the image was simply to get a photo of what they looked like. That kind of posed photo can be good and valuable, but I can't help but wonder how we can make engagement photos more significant.

I don't think the additional significance is found in going to the prettiest park and smiling your best camera smiles. Modern day photography training has schooled many photographers on how to pose and position a person so that they look most pleasing to the camera which again, can be beautiful and great. But are those photos something that we will cherish fifty years from now? Getting photos in your life involves more than simply choosing to make a book and hanging them on your wall. To make your engagement photos an heirloom, they have to be something that is meaningful to you.

downtown denver engagement photos
downtown denver engagement photos


We didn't bring in a snow machine for Tab and Vani's engagement session. We stepped into real life; in the shape of a blizzard that wiped off Vani's makeup within minutes. The environment brought out this couple's story as powerfully as the weather that fogged my lenses and blew snow in our faces.

These are unposed engagement photos. They're natural photographs that tell a story greater than our best camera smiles and trendiest outfit. They show the intimacy of a committed relationship, the joy of two people in love, the adventurous spirit of a couple of Californians and a story of who they are and what life feels like to be them in February of 2015.

best wedding photos 2014

best wedding photos | 2014

Arranging this collection leaves me emotionally overwhelmed with gratitude. I tend to fall in love with many of my couples I photograph. Seeing all these stories in one place is almost like looking at an old family album.  Photographing weddings is really an incredible job. We go from barely knowing the bride and groom to being surrounded by their family, life stories, personal, emotional moments and deep, meaningful experiences. Every year I have a hard time imagining how the next year will even compare. This year may top that wonder.

We photographed nineteen couples and were invited into very personal places in each of their lives. As an artist, I am always hoping to create meaningful work. Looking back at 2014, it's obvious that we were able to tell great stories about personhood, authentic relationships, beauty in emotion and most importantly, love. Matt's and my gratitude overflow to all of our new friends and we can't wait to do it all again in 2015.

best engagement photos

Best engagement photos | how to get yours

With all the details and decisions involved in planning a wedding, why would anyone just wing it with the engagement photos? Believe it or not, there are some things you can and should consider when doing and engagement shoot. As a great example of that, we should view Yen and Adam, who did everything right.

1. Be photogenic.

I'm not telling you to be pretty -  be photogenic. Being pleasing to the camera begins with authenticity. When meeting with a 2015 Bride and groom recently, the groom made a comment about how everyone in my book was attractive - and that they weren't quite like them. I noted how I never shoot models, everyone walks in to a shoot on the same page. I believe everyone is photogenic and as Yen and Adam can show you, it's really their inner beauty that making them look so stunning in these photos. Their poise, confidence, relationship  and that sparkle in their eyes are just a few of the things that make these images some of the best engagement photos. Don't think "selfies"; think "this is a moment with the person I love".

2. Incorporate meaningful pieces in your wardrobe.

Wondering what to wear for your engagement session? I often recommend couples go to their closets before they go shopping. Wear something that is special to you. Put on your go-to outfit that you always feel great in. Wear something that will tell a story in fifty years. Yen has several pieces she wore, including one of her wedding dresses that is both sentimental and unique. Their wardrobe is more then simply a trendy outfit they recently purchased.

3. Be up for anything.

Photographing in the snow looks romantic and all - but actually doing it is a lot colder and more uncomfortable than these photos show. Yen and Adam really fought to get relaxed and forget about the cold to bring out these amazing snowy engagement photographs. While photographing inside of Union Station, I told them we just would run outside and do a few images. After seeing how beautiful it was I asked them to stick it out longer despite the cold. They did. Obviously, it was worth it.

4. This is fun.

Let's be honest, at first, being photographed can be an uncomfortable thing.  If you prepare well, it doesn't have to be. Spare the time you would spend warming up to the camera and prepare yourself to have a lot of fun. You get to dress up, have someone tell you how great you look for an hour and do something really special with your fiancé. Make a night of it. Get drinks before and go out to a nice dinner after.

5. Why do engagement photos?

best engagement photos in the snow
best engagement photos in the snow

Ah. "We'll have enough pictures of us at the wedding", you may think. "What will we do with the engagement photos?" This is a real thought and concern for many couples. Why even take engagement photos? I argue that if you have amazing engagement photos like these, the possibilities are endless. No, you may not want a huge close-up photo of you smiling at the camera to hang on your walls forever. If you have meaningful, artistic engagement photos like these - hanging the images on your wall forever is a pleasure. To get the best engagement photos - keep in mind that not all photographers are the same. Look for the best engagement photographer to tell your story. These photos will last forever. You're creating an heirloom. 

best engagement photos
best engagement photos
stylized engagement photos
stylized engagement photos

Yen and Adam's photos were taken at the newly remodeled Union Station. As an engagement photographer Downtown Denver, this is one of the best spots to photograph. We live in such a great city.

why engagement photos

why engagement photos

Denver Art Museum Engagement Session for Krista and Eric


Why engagement photography?

Why do they matter? As a professional engagement photographer I still come back to that question. After you get them, it's fun to see how beautiful you are and send a few to your parents but after that - honestly, who really cares?

Maybe engagement photos are for tomorrow.

I think your children will care. Their children will care. I think the discouraging days will care. Can your engagement photos be more then a photo of you? What if the images show who you are and how you feel. Can they be an art piece, a family heirloom? Can they hang on the walls of your home to help you remember the joy and beauty that's been. I believe the answer is yes, and this makes the engagement photos matter.

I pulled out a small sample of Krista and Eric's engagement pictures to highlight the beauty of personality filled, hang-on-the-wall, fine art photography. There are many ways to describe it but, let's call it meaningful, purposeful artwork. Engagement photos that matter.





DAM photoshoot

artistic wedding photos


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Engagement photography Denver

For Ross and Kiki

"This is us." Ross and Kiki told me as they hopped on their bicycle built for two, strapped goggles on their dog and rode around the RINO art district after drinking some wine at the Infinite Monkey Theorem in Denver.

Their ideal engagement photos

When asking the two what their ideal engagement photos would look like they shared who they were and how much their love and relationship meant to them - how it was different. We talked about creating images to authentically represent their passion for each other.

Artistic photos that truly show who you are - this is the best kind of engagement photography Denver.

The result? Personal artwork.

A set of romantic engagement photographs for couple that wants these moments to be in their lives forever. We finished the session with the images below that I have started the blog posting with. As the sun was setting at City Park we used unique lighting techniques to render art pieces of Ross and Kiki's love for one another.

[/flo_one_third] [flo_two_third_last padding="20px 20px 20px 20px" class="" ]artistic engagement photography

bicycle built for two engagement pictures

romantic engagement photography [/flo_two_third_last]

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denver engagement photography


denver romantic engagement photography

night engagement photographs

night engagement photographs

romantic engagement photos

top denver engagement photographer

denver engagement photography

city park engagement session

romantic engagement photographs

personality filled engagement photos

beautiful engagement pictures

graffiti engagement pictures

quirky engagement photos

bike and dog engagement photos

romantic engagement pics romantic engagement session artistic engagement photographs

prisim technique in portraits

artistic portrait technique

sunflowers in engagement photos

great lighting photographs

authentic engagement photographs

photos with dog in engagement pictures

great engagement photos dog with goggles doggles