denver engagement sessions

Denver engagement sessions

f you’ve run by this post by chance, you may have been sifting though Googles many Denver engagement sessions looking for engagement photos that are different. If you’ve come across it intentionally, you are probably a dear person to Matt and the prettiest Bubba you will ever meet. Either way, this engagement session will be a treat. If could write about one thing over and over it would be this;

Make your engagement photos more than engagement photos.

Engagement photos don’t have to simply be a pretty picture of you standing in front of a charming background. They don’t have to be something that trends or gets placed in a picture frame in the back of your guest room. You may be thinking, alright, let’s make my engagement photos more than your basic pictures. Simultaneously wondering what that actually means and desiring some practical ways to make this happen. I can’t tell you the exact formula for making your engagement photos authentically you. The process and product will be as unique as the steps that brought the two of you to where you are today.

denver engagement session
denver engagement session

However, I do have a a few guiding lines that will point you in your unique direction. [/flo_image_text]

  1. Photograph in a place that lends itself to your story. In Matt and Bubba’s case, they are seitan buffalo wing devotees, music enthusiasts, Denver dwellers for life and art lovers. They didn’t choose one location on my list of popular places to go, rather sought out their destinations based upon spots that showed who they are. Where are your favorite places to be? Let’s shoot there.
  2. Think beyond Facebook and save-the-dates. What is going to make a special photo 30 years from now? Think of the hands that will be holding these images, what do you want to tell them about life in 2015.
  3. Re-think your wardrobe. Make sure your clothing, hair and makeup is an authentic portrayal of you. Maybe buying the latest and most expensive outfit isn’t your best option. Wear something you would wear on a date night out - put on your go-to jeans.
  4. When your session is over, get your photos off of your computer. Computers and digital files haven’t been around long enough for us to really understand their fragility. Most of our generation still lives in a world where the majority of our childhood pictures are in printed form. The likelihood of a digital image being permanent is as likely as it was that a floppy disk would be a long term solution for storage. Print your photos or take it a step further, make a photo box or a coffee table book. Allow your engagement photos to be a sought after heirloom for those  that come after you. I recommend checking out Artifact Uprising and Make and Stow for pristine storage solutions.

We are so excited to be traveling to Telluride on a couple of weeks to celebrate this couple’s wedding. Check back for more great photos and inspiration on how to be authentic in your photos soon.