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What motivates me | Why I love being a Denver Photographer It seems not too long ago that I would read interviews from great photographers and want to forget the thing that get me excited to be like them. "Yeah, I like that author too...Crazy, that is also my favorite way to edit pictures!"

I think that one of the keys to being a strong voice in the art world is making sure the voice is your own and you have your energy and vision to back that up. If every restaurant had the same menu and every musician had the same set list I think we would run out of things to be interested in.

I'm thankful to have reach a point in my photography career where I know what I love to do and it sounds different than my fellow photographers next door. Couture Colorado's lifestyle blog recently interviewed me. Check out my photographer interview for insights on the things that motivate me to document pieces of life along with why I love being a Denver photographer.

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