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Devil's Thumb Ranch Wedding . Journalistic Wedding Photographer

With tattoo sleeves, kids in bow ties, and horses in the distance; Reuben and Ali's wedding at the Devil's Thumb Ranch (near Winter Park) has definitely been a photographical highlight this year in Selah's resume. Reuben and Ali are two beautiful people who not only have good taste but keep eclectic and international company. There were as many accents and body accessories as there were dance moves and it all came together for Selah to paint some beautiful pictures. Not to mention the backdrop of Devil's Thumb Ranch. It's a Colorado venue like no other.

Some of the highlights: - Handmade decorations by Ally including mason jars with a picture and a candle inside. - The Gregory family "marathon" skit involving a clever poem, some flashy 80's athletic gear, and some Rocky soundtrack introductory music. - Some of the best photobooth expressions we have ever seen. - Reuben tearing up during his vows and the nearby horses all gathering right behind him when he does it. - The Bride and Groom's first dance, which was a montage of surprise, and as Reuben admitted after, "The part that I was most nervous about."

What a great day spent with some great people. This is what makes our job so great.