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One would assume that love is the reason, focus, and theme of any wedding, but for me it wasn't until Kyle and Lisa's wedding that love was the part that stood out most (as opposed to the usual stress); more than the horse shoes, decorations, or music. Admittedly, I knew more of the back story and members involved in this wedding than I normally do but in my totally biased opinion it was the family's love and coming together like a Swiss Family Robinson wedding put on by non-Pixar Disney that really brought this beautiful, outdoor Omaha wedding to life.

With Kyle, the groom, so close to his own parents and sister, and Lisa, the smilingest bride since April of 03', so close to not only her parents but her 9 siblings as well, there were few moments captured on film that didn't include the sincere emotion of a biological loving supporter. Brothers-in-law joking, nieces and nephews spreading bubbles and crying, and the sisters also crying, the love was everywhere and Selah was happy to keep up even in the hovering lake of midwestern humidity.

Whenever there was setting up, cleaning up, or tearing it up (that is, dancing), to be done, the Winter and Gebauer family members were all over it and happy to help. Even in the family photos (with possible exception of the youngest Gebauer, Claire, who filled her smiling quota half way through) the clan was all happy to be together and no one complained about how long it took, how hot it was, or how close together they had to stand in order to get the entire family in one frame.

It truly was well put together and a joyous spectacle for the rest of us who got to join the family for the day. I hope that Selah will be hired to shoot the weddings of the other siblings as well. We've only got seven more opportunities so my trigger fingers are crossed.

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