documentary wedding photographers

Documentary Wedding Photographers

for Alec and Megan

After I was through editing these images I felt kind of sad that this story was over, like you should when any good story ends. I think that Megan and Alec are a really good couple to explain why documentary style photography "storytelling" for weddings is so wonderful. Life, after all, is really just a collection of stories and moments and relationship. So we have weddings. Weddings are these once-in-a-lifetime days, centered around being with the people you love most in the world. Everyone is dressed their best and placed in the most beautiful setting to celebrate you. The people you choose to spend and share most of life’s moments around are all dressed in their best together in one place.

So you’ve got one day. After your wedding day ceases, the overly-asked question turns from "are you excited for the wedding?" to "how was the wedding?" You know, the day that you spent a year planning and a lifetime dreaming about. You know what the answer will be, "good" or "I'm sad (or glad) it's over." Your wedding story deserves such a better explanation than "good." The documentary style approach to photographing weddings tells the story as it should be told. The Alec and Megan wedding held at Peaceful Valley Ranch near Estes Park, Colorado is a story about a happy, joy filled and fun loving family. A story about a group of organized, non-traditional, meaningful and loving group. My words don't tell the story well. Let the images show you how "good" it was.

P.S. Occasionally there is a wedding where the MVP deserves a shout out. Shouting out to you, bridesmaid Maggie. Thanks for your assitance and for being so wonderfully expressive.


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