why engagement photos

why engagement photos

Denver Art Museum Engagement Session for Krista and Eric


Why engagement photography?

Why do they matter? As a professional engagement photographer I still come back to that question. After you get them, it's fun to see how beautiful you are and send a few to your parents but after that - honestly, who really cares?

Maybe engagement photos are for tomorrow.

I think your children will care. Their children will care. I think the discouraging days will care. Can your engagement photos be more then a photo of you? What if the images show who you are and how you feel. Can they be an art piece, a family heirloom? Can they hang on the walls of your home to help you remember the joy and beauty that's been. I believe the answer is yes, and this makes the engagement photos matter.

I pulled out a small sample of Krista and Eric's engagement pictures to highlight the beauty of personality filled, hang-on-the-wall, fine art photography. There are many ways to describe it but, let's call it meaningful, purposeful artwork. Engagement photos that matter.





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