modern-vintage engagement session

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Modern-Vintage Engagement Session in Denver

I present to you yet another couple that I've fallen in love with. It was pure blessedness photographing Ryan and Katelin's Mad Men,  Denver-hipsteresque style, modern-vintage engagement session. It's often my favorite to photograph couples at places that are saturated with memories - it always provides an extra added sentiment that enhances the heirloom quality of the imagery. The 50's style bar pictured in the first set of images is nothing short of a space filled with fumes of nostalgia. It's called, The Horseshoe Lounge, which is an uptown bar where the two met for the first time. Ryan approached Katelin with a random request and her response immediately triggered his attention. "We have a lot of memories in this place," Ryan told me. Lucky for us, the location posed perfectly, providing a space that makes you think these two should be on the front of a magazine.

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[flo_image_text image_url="" img_position="right" img_width="60" ] Two tips on choosing the perfect location for your engagement session

1. Think of a place that is special to you. We want the images to act as meaningful artwork. Do you have a location that will lend towards a story in twenty years? Make your engagement photos more than pretty pictures showing what you look like.


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2. Choose a spot that reflects your style and personality. Ryan and Katelin chose South Broadway as their second location. The two spent many nights going to concerts in the area and one of Katelin's favorite stores, Decade is right along the street. If you would spend time in the location outside of your photoshoot, it's likely "you." [/flo_image_text]

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