winter engagement photos

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winter engagement photos | Denver, CO

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall - each season brings its own personality to an engagement photography session in Denver, Colorado. The engagement photographs in Denver during the different seasons produce distinct moods, but none supersede the other; they simply carry their own unique look. Yet, through the changing backgrounds of the seasons, our engagement photographer packages remain the same. Since it is February, we will focus on the winter season. When we talk about winter engagement photos there is a misconception that they may not be as exciting as the other seasons. But, an aspect we emphasize at Selah Photography is your engagement photography attire. For wintry, snowy engagement photographs, one might don a patterned chic winter coat and scarf while the other opts for more solid colors. [/flo_image_text]

[flo_image_text image_url="" img_position="right" img_width="40" ] During each session we strongly encourage interaction between our couples. The best thing to do when it is cold outside is to approach our time together with a positive attitude. We love it when the couples have fun together amid the snow. It makes our winter engagement photography session a playful and enjoyable time...and it will actually warm you up too. The colors that remain during the winter months seem to shine more vibrantly. They add interest to the photographs by bringing together two contrasting elements:  the cold snow on the ground and the bright, warm sun. These together produce beautiful images.

Thinking your photos will have a little snow? Check out this

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It is our desire to incorporate our photojournalistic and artistic style into every session regardless of the season, and our winter engagement photo ideas remain captivating. Bundle up and let's take some photos.