i fell in love with the holga

"Are you sure you want these?" the woman at the camera store asked me as she was glancing over my film. The negatives were all dark and faded; I could hardly say, "I'm sure," fast enough for me to run to my office and drool over these untold images.

They are full of delightful mistakes. It appears as if I loaded the film wrong. This "mistake" adds a pile of interest to these unpredictable Holga images. Most of the film frames are exposed with two different images which create wonderful lines and intriguing compositions. The modern, abstract photographs are such a wall statement that any art lover would love to hang on their wall.

I've never loved making mistakes as much as I did with this roll of film. Compelling, impulsive fine art photography that is fresh and exciting. Inhale.

image of tree with holga

picture of girl on the holga

artistic image of couple's engagement

emotive painting-like photograph

couple who is married

strang color of couples hands

edge of film ripped to show exposure

portrait of self