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"The photo booth is easily one of the best parts about any reception," Kyle tells us. Kyle is not your regular photo-booth attendee. He is a friend of many and we joyfully celebrate every wedding where we see this photo-booth all star walk in to a reception. "How did he come up with that idea?" We wonder every time he exits the photo booth. We went straight to the source and asked the photo booth king himself. Dear Kyle,

Tell us how you rock the photo booth.

1) I'm a prop guy, I love letting my mind run with some of the props Jackie puts out. I always think it's fun to try and find abstract ways to use the props, like a shoe for a telephone, or chalk for a cigarette, etc.

2) Be expressive. There is a lot of excitement at a wedding, transfer that excitement into the photo booth and then into your face.

3) Do whatever comes into your mind first. The really good ideas are too fleeting to over think or to second guess.

4) A failure usually equals a success in the photo both, so just try it, if it doesn't work out worries, the picture is probably better for it.

5) Have a "ready, fire, aim" mentality. Planning is for fools in the photo booth, spontaneity is the remedy for the most memorable pictures. It's like dancing, there are no rules just response.

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