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Red Rocks Wedding

Best Denver Wedding Venues

There are many great places for weddings in Denver but if you're really looking for the most iconic Colorado wedding venue, there is nothing quite like a Red Rocks wedding. The chapel, where most couples exchange vows looks over an open rock structure with a setting sun to its side. It's easy to overlook how awe-inspiring these unique formations really are. If you are looking for a venue to really wow your guests along with a site that you can come back to time and time again, Red Rocks is really one of the top wedding venues in Denver.

Joe and Whitney held their ceremony outside of the trading post with the reception at the top of the amphitheater, giving their guests a view of Denver and the stage where some of the world's best musicians have performed. The couple wanted the venue to be a part of their story just as they wanted the photos to be. Red rocks is a beautiful, natural venue and the couple wanted their photos to be the same. The photos were focused on a close and loving family, a fun group of friends, a beautiful taste in decor and an amazing dance party with Dwight one of the best DJ's we've worked with. We focused on wedding photojournalism, the natural, storytelling style of images that turn into an authentic, family heirloom.

I believe wedding photographers are as unique as musicians. Just as musicians, photographers have genres. Some specialize in traditional photography, some black and white photography, some artistic and some photojournalism.   To find the best photographer, pick your genre and search for artists within the style you like. How do you know what style of wedding photos you want? To answer that, you have to just consider a few key questions.

There are two main styles of wedding photography. You'll find that every photographer dabbles in a bit of both in order to make your wedding coverage complete. We recommend staying away from photographers who "do it all." If you truly want the best wedding photos, seek out someone who has a particular vision and rest knowing they will take care of the wedding photos from there.

Here are a few ways to find out what kind of photography style you should look for.

You prefer candid photos over posed ones You value emotional, personality-filled images You would rather hang a photo of you and your mom laughing together over one of you posing for the camera You tend to dislike cheesy, smiling for the camera photos but love photography You prefer unposed wedding photos You like things that are unique If you've answered yes to most of the above questions, you may be a fit for a Wedding Photojournalist and have a style similar to Whitney and Joe's Red Rock's wedding.