best wedding photos 2014

best wedding photos | 2014

Arranging this collection leaves me emotionally overwhelmed with gratitude. I tend to fall in love with many of my couples I photograph. Seeing all these stories in one place is almost like looking at an old family album.  Photographing weddings is really an incredible job. We go from barely knowing the bride and groom to being surrounded by their family, life stories, personal, emotional moments and deep, meaningful experiences. Every year I have a hard time imagining how the next year will even compare. This year may top that wonder.

We photographed nineteen couples and were invited into very personal places in each of their lives. As an artist, I am always hoping to create meaningful work. Looking back at 2014, it's obvious that we were able to tell great stories about personhood, authentic relationships, beauty in emotion and most importantly, love. Matt's and my gratitude overflow to all of our new friends and we can't wait to do it all again in 2015.