Snowmass Destination Wedding Photographer

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Snowmass Destination Wedding Photographer

As a junior photographer watching the Oscars, one often fantasizes about taking pictures of the celebrities as they tread the red carpet. What is even better than that though, is getting the chance to take pictures of people who look like celebrities getting off a chairlift in Snowmass Colorado (near Aspen), which is exactly what we were able to do here at Selah for Danielle and Pete's wedding.

Set near the top of the mountain, there were some amazing natural backdrops, as well as an elevation high enough for the fake John Lennon to make a real complaint during the reception as his Beatles Tribute band kept everybody shaking in between cake breaks.

Danielle was a gorgeous bride who put more time into planning her wedding than most. She knew what she wanted down to the details and was thrilled to have it take place in a town where she has so much family history. Pete's skillset was really put on display whenever he held the microphone or went out of his way to show gratitude to friends and workers. Pete and Danielle, a highly complementary couple, started dating in the sixth grade. They were good at posing for photos then (see below) and have only gotten better since.

This is the kind of wedding where everything is aesthetic and the challenge for the photographer is to zero in on the unique characteristics that tell the story. That's why we enjoyed it so much. (That, and the cake). I also want to acknowledge wedding cinematographer Kyle Hodge and the ladies with Jane Floyd & Associates, the Aspen Wedding Coordinators, for being so helpful and enjoyable to work with. As a Snowmass Destination Wedding Photographer, this one was all we could hope for.

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