street photography | study of color | indonesia

These images are long due for a post. One of my favorite people in the world  teaches in an Indonesian school. I was able to go and spend some time with her and experience life in this different world. I have yet to put many words to this experience...except maybe in regards to my awe of creation and the sameness in vivid difference.

This post is a documentation of Indonesia captured through digital, HDR and time lapse photography. I have hopes of doing a gallery showing with some of the images. Stay in tune for that.

ariel view of indonesia

colorful image of indo


beautiful girl in indonesia

bus in a foreign country

orphans in indonesia

homeless man

man in the market

peppers in market


man sitting

girls in the city

orange image

eggs in the market

flower photo

street photograph

boys riding bikes

little boy at the market

sun making the street shine

elderly woman with veil

man laughing

mountain photos

Upon looking back at some of the writing I did during this experience, I pulled out some interesting thoughts. -I often wonder if I like traveling so much because I can tell everyone about it later on. -God you made all these people too, huh? -Now I am the one being observed. I am the one who looks so different. -It's unbelievable...yet still there is more. -The lighting above the clouds is fantastic

hungry are the poor of heart tranced in the beat of an invisible god.

starved to receive favor for good things they've done.

empty bent regressing what nothing has become.

barefoot and needy in pursuit of their false god.