fine art engagement | non-traditional | denver

Jeff | Angie Upon asking Jeff and Angie what their ideal engagement photos would look like, they responded by giving me these words:  color, natural and vintage. Without even looking at them through the lens, I immediately knew these images would be some of my favorites. Every time I have genuine permission for creative freedom within a photo shoot, I am increasingly full of new discoveries. As a couple's photographer I am constantly looking for fresh ideas and this set of images is nothing short of custom art.

As I was keywording the meta data for these photographs, I was using words such as non-traditional, fine art, unique, creative, genuine, emotive, journalistic and vintage. Then I just started coding "I love these pictures." I'm not sure that "I love these pictures" will do much for the search engines, but the experts tell you to tag the photos with something that makes sense. The key words describe everything I am passionate about photographing in a couple.

Angie and Jeff are so great. Angie has a degree in some form of peace...If only I knew that major existed when I was getting my undergrad degree. There are so many unique and wonderful character traits alongside this couple's gentle and intimate relationship.  These are some of my favorite engagement photos to date. I am so excited to be a part of their vintage Boulder wedding.

couple laying on the ground

happy picture of couple hugging

feeling couple

photo of couples hands and great ring

This is a custom made ring with a stone that the couple found themselves. It is engraved with leaves around the band to give it an earthy feel.

couple holding hands artistically

unique image of couple

artistic couple photo

artful image of couple in front of the store

couple laughing

couple by a colorful building

emotional picture

couple reflecting

couple in front of green wall

great lighting on couple


photo of couple with the sun beating behind

artistic image of couple

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