Emotional Wedding Photography

emotional wedding photos
emotional wedding photos

emotional wedding photography

 Their love story was like what you would expect out of a modern day blockbuster. The adventurous girl follows her heart to a foreign country to study and comes across a friend who soon becomes much more. They experience that fairy tale beginning, where nothing in the world could go wrong followed by genuine trials that test and prove their love for one another. During their vows they mentioned sitting on their bathroom floor together holding hands, braving moments of war as sirens went off in the distance. They’ve walked through many challenges most couples don’t confront in a lifetime; challenges that build deep connections and clearly show what makes the two value their relationship and their families so intently.


 How do you plan a Colorado wedding from overseas? That might be the natural follow-up question upon learning that this couple resides in Tel Aviv. In Emily and Yaron’s case, they had a team of family on site in Colorado making decisions while the trusting couple went on with their engagement at home in Israel. The wedding was intimate. Guests included Yaron’s immediate family from Israel and Emily’s family and closest friends from the States. Its simplicity so appropriately highlighted the real reason all weddings should happen: because love, family, and commitment are of the best things life has to offer. Having everyone you care about most gathered in one space to sign off on the importance of the day is exactly what this wedding looked like. 

Every image of this couple is a great representation of what raw, emotional wedding photography is like. It’s a photojournalistic style that shares much more than what a person looks like on their wedding day. After all, how many times in your life will you have every person most special to you in the same room? These aren't just anybody. Love and connection with family and friends happens because of vulnerability, trials, triumphs and other rich experiences that make us who we are. We want wedding photography to reflect the little pieces of the personalities that have made you who you are. Here is a glimpse into what makes these two, our thanks to them for sharing so much.


mountain engagement photos

mountain engagement photos
mountain engagement photos


Mountain engagement photos

It's easy to dismiss beauty, especially when it's become  familiar and accessible. I imagine that is as true of the mountains as it is of friendships, family and even marriage. We don't always realize the magnitude of these gift because, well, we already have them. It's been a bit since I photographed in the mountains and though this location is only 30 minutes from my house, I easily forgot the wonder of this piece of creation. People fly in from all around the world to spend the weekend in the mountains and even fly across the country to have mountain engagement photos. Yet, for people to live here, it's so easy to dismiss.

The mountains are an appropriate background for a couple who is soon to enter in to marriage. They offer a setting that is one of the most majestic. You enter in to it with an initial sense of awe, followed by a lot of intentional and necessary effort. Climbing over barriers, re-directing, resting, enjoying, re-hydrating and sometimes asking for help. The experience allows you to encounter one of the worlds most beauty filled settings, requesting some give and take to undergo it at its best.

mountain engagement pictures  colorado
mountain engagement pictures colorado

 These photos are of Dani, Sean and their beautiful dog. I always encourage people to bring the things that are most special to them in their engagement photos and especially for Colorado couples, having their dog in engagement photos is a must. When deciding what to wear for their engagement photos, the couple decided on two outfits, one more casual and one dressier. I overall always recommend that couple's choose clothing choices that are very them. Going out and buying the latest thing isn't always the best choice. Choose clothing that is you - something that you feel best in and that paints a picture of your character during this stage in your life. Think of these engagement photos as heirlooms, not simply photos you'll post for your friends to momentarily see. 

wedding photojournalist in denver | craig . kelly

Wedding photojournalist in Denver | Craig . Kelly Last weekend, the shortly yet longly awaited wedding of Craig and Kelly took place at Evergreen Lakehouse. This beautiful Colorado mountain wedding venue sits aside Evergreen Lake. We were delighted to be a part of this wedding for many reasons but mostly because we think Craig and Kelly are so great.

I hope that while you look through these journalistic wedding images you will be able to tell how tightly the two were holding each other. I hope you can see how joyful and in love they are, and lastly, I hope that you come away wanting more of the true and confident love that we saw in Craig and Kelly. Evergreen lake house wedding

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