wedding at blanc


Wedding at Blanc


If any couple were ever to ask us to plan their wedding for them, which they never do, but if they did, we would zero in on a few important things like location, food, beautiful clothing, small numbers in the wedding party, good music, originality, and more emphasis on photography than other things. Most people don't consult us on such things, including Jeff and Blair, but amazingly, they didn't have to because they already had it all - and then some.

Starting off with getting-ready photos at the nearby hotel, the boys were showing plenty of East Coast brotherly love as they helped each other tie ties and straighten collars. The Philadelphian wit of the boys while getting ready answered the question I have asked since watching sitcoms all during the 90's of, "Can real people really be that funny?" Turns out they can. The girls finished their elegant, yet natural touches as Blair adorned herself in her (not white) BHLDN dress accessories that complimented Jeff's custom made suit oh so well.

After a short stint of being celebrities in Union Station, the couple headed over to what has become one of our favorite urban wedding locations in Denver, Blanc, for their ceremony and reception. A wedding at blanc can never go wrong. From that point on, not a minute was wasted. Jeff and Blair had an intentional schedule that maximized the music, staggered the dance events, and left no room for dead time. It was perhaps the most relaxed celebration we have ever attended, requiring all the guests to do nothing more than just enjoy the night as they please, occasionally visiting one of the three themed buffets.

As for the toasts, they were among the greatest we have ever seen, but perhaps that is to be expected from people who had so much love and personality. The only interruption of the party was when we pulled the bride and groom out for what became some amazing night shots (see below) and they were happily willing to participate with that as well.

Jeff and Blair's wedding was one of the kind when you are filled with gratitude because your job is to hang out with awesome people. Our only regret was that we didn't get them to sign a contract to hire us again in 20 years when they renew their vows. We were so thankful to be a part of their story.