colorado natural wedding photographers




Colorado natural wedding photographers


There were so many adjectives that came to mind when I was trying to put together a focus for this wedding's blog posting. I could talk about the poise of the Air Force, the amazing architecture at the Air Force Chapel, how Grant and Angela were two of the kindest people we've run into or the visible love and support the couples' guests showered on them.  Though all of those elements were substantial, I would have to say that the way the couple allowed us to capture these real, natural wedding photos is what stands out to me most. The term, Colorado natural wedding photographer, can mean many things. It could be a photographer who loves to photograph in nature, a photographer who likes DIY - unprimped weddings or like us, photographers who want to document the existing character, circumstances and surroundings of life as you know it. It's a photo of the father of the groom explaining the medals of honor on his jacket, the bride running up the steps of her wedding venue as the ceremony is minutes away, the groom standing at the door of the chapel greeting his closest as they walk through the door to support one of the biggest decisions of his life. It's friends and family standing at the edge of the dance floor as if it were a starting line for a race awaiting one of the most enjoyed dance parties we've seen this year or the night shot that was made perfect by a spontaneous moment of laughter.


We think a lot about how our couples will interact with their wedding photos - from the first time you hold them in your hands to your great grandchildren flipping the pages of your wedding book.  This natural, story telling, unposed wedding photography combined with artistic, hang-on-the-wall portraits is exactly what we love about making photographs. We believe wedding photography can be so much more than a large collection of files you sit behind your computer and occasionally view on your anniversary. We believe it is more than a portrait on your parents' wall showing what you looked like on your wedding day. We think that natural wedding photos, photographs that show who you are, is the best and most cherish-able way to capture this exceptionally significant time of life. Thanks to Grant, Angela and guests for being beautiful and allowing us to stand by and document it.