Wedding Photojournalists in CO

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Wedding Photojournalists in CO

 for David and Laura

As Wedding Photojournalists in CO, we couldn't have asked for a better set of people to tell stories about. If there were an Oscar Awards night for weddings, first of all, that would be a good idea, but second of all, the recent wedding of David and Laura would be tough competitors in many of the categories. Having some experience already with weddings with Laura's family, our expectations were high already for the catering and for the "coolest mother of the bride" categories (her mother catered the wedding). What we didn't see coming were the other parts of this celebratory occasion that made this wedding one of the most fun we've attended all season.

The ceremony

The ceremony itself was traditional, sincere, and meaningful, taking place in the church Laura grew up in. This included some wonderful traditional music. The most impressive part, was the two families put together all of their musical members, which numbered about 30 - 40, and sang an a cappella benediction during the service. It was amazing.

The reception

During the reception, the bride and groom did a joy-filled first dance, which was followed by a highly impressive father-daughter dance; possibly the most entertaining we've ever seen. It started slow and then suddenly broke into a different, faster song, during which Laura and her dad performed a choreographed dance that had to have taken hours to prepare.

The nights highlight?

This was followed by the highest photo booth participation we have ever seen since the Donaghy-Felton wedding of 2003. The guests knew what to expect and were lined up all night ready to throw out a fun expression for the couple to remember them by. David and Laura put their wedding together with the best possible ingredients: a lot of fun people in a room. When people like that get together, only good things happen, and we have the photographs to prove it. We're so thankful to be a part of their big day, and secretly wish Laura's folks would have another kid so we could get the Elmshauser wedding beans a third time.

And now for the coveted sixth man award that we give to wedding attendee who we photographed almost as much we did the couple: Molly the bridesmaid. It was only right to begin this story with the photo booth so that we can prove to you right away the deserving repentance of this award.

Here's to David, Laura and Molly. Congrats you three.

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