Winter wedding in Denver

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Winter wedding in Denver

Downtown Denver winter wedding photographs | Snowy wedding photos

for Brad & Jenna

Sixteen pictures. I'm limiting myself to sixteen different snapshots to tell Brad and Jenna's winter wedding story in this blog posting. It's easy to think that there needs to be a thousand photos and a lengthy set of words to accentuate each image. A thousand photos to show every detail and lengthy set of words to tell you what is happening between the images. I think having many great photos from your wedding is great and important, I just don't want to find myself devaluing the power that one (or nineteen) photos can have. Today, I hope my lack of verbiage and small selection of photos can be more. I hope you're able to really look at this wedding photojournalism and not need the words. Congrats Brad and Jenna. Thanks to you and your wedding party for standing outside in the snow to create these photos. It really was an honor to document your story. [/flo_one_third] [flo_two_third_last padding="20px 20px 20px 20px" class="" ]

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