urban denver weddings

Urban Denver weddings

Perhaps we have John Denver to blame, but often if you're planning a Colorado wedding, your first thought of vow exchange is in the mountains. Though we at Selah love nature as much as any resident, there is a very special place in our hearts for the urban Denver wedding like Russ and Diana's. There are many Denver city wedding venues to choose from and whether you choose a hotel ballroom or combination of hip church followed by Space Gallery like these guys, the aesthetic majesty holds up compared to those mountain nuptials.


It was a modern, unique, sentimental, creative and emotional. Their day started getting ready separately.  Russ was given special notes through the day reminding him of all the pieces of life that have brought the two to where they are. There was something blue sewn into Diana's dress and her borrowed headpiece had been worn in weddings for generations. You could say their wedding was traditional in sorts; the church ceremony was held at Park Church and Russ overflowed with emotion as he saw his veiled bride walk down the aisle with her dad. Though the tradition seemed to be an outline, the couple definitely made a new mold for their wedding, filling it with personal details that made it clear to all the guests that they were attending a party of Russ and Diana.


These two are beautiful, many may say photogenic. Even a stranger will be able to easily pick out that trait. At Selah, we talk quite a bit to couples about being photogenic, which is typically referenced to the level at which a person photographs. Most people believe they are not good at taking pictures, however, we believe that all people are photogenic; it depends on the photographer. Let us use Russ and Diana to explain. One of the first things many people will notice about these two is they are quite attractive, which you would think would be the main reason they shoot so well. Though it's helpful, we beg to differ. If the evenness of your smile, your body type or symmetry of your face was the only thing that made these photos beautiful, you wouldn't feel anything when looking at them. The images may be pretty but they wouldn't be compelling or moving.

We believe being genuinely photogenic has to begin with sharing your inner beauty first.

In Russ and Diana's case, it begins with being creative, kind and joyful. These photos show beauty because they have very special relationships with their families and they love each other deeply. Russ and Diana were ready to enjoy their entire wedding day, whether it be cake, microphone, or camera in their face, and the radiance of that joy is what jumps out to the viewer and makes these photos as great as they are. We are so thankful to have been invited. A very special thanks to Space Gallery and Stacy with JA Special Events for making this day run so flawlessly.