natural denver wedding photography

Natural Denver wedding photography for a non-traditional wedding

for Matt and Melissa

We walked away from this day thinking we may have just experienced the perfect wedding. If there were a national contest to create the most authentic, enjoyable, and meaningful Colorado wedding, looking to sum up the entire zeitgeist within a 5 hour period, even the top brains at would find themselves in second place after the wedding that actually did happen by Matt and Melissa. These two highly-educated and fun-loving people brought guests from all over the country to experience a real one-of-a-kind wedding, that may actually have made itself an official world record. When planning the wedding, Matt and Melissa seemed to understand how to make happen what most weddings only hope to achieve: friends together having fun. Not only did they rent out the pavilion at Cheesman park, but they also planned a meal put together in picnic baskets for people to enjoy afterwards. When stomachs were full and but feet were itchy, they provided several yard games to take place in the surrounding grassy areas, and even built in the time to do it, where one could enjoy both a frisbee toss as well as a little cornhole, without feeling the pressure of "what do we have to do next?".  If "best cocktail party" weren't enough, the crown jewel of the day's events came in the transitioning of party at the park to reception party at the Mercury Cafe. In order to get all of the wedding guests to relocate one mile away, the plan was to rent a truckload of bicycles and wheel over as a well-dressed parade, with bride and groom at the head, and two relatives on motorcycles serving as escorts. Among the group (which included a few PhDs) it was the consensus that this was perhaps a world record of "highest percentage of wedding guests participating in post-ceremony bike parade"; a title worth tattooing for those involved. The enormity of the parade was unlike anything we've experienced in a wedding before and we really enjoyed photographing it.

Matt and Melissa's wedding was very cool, and all the people we got to hang out with and listen to were a big part of that, including Matt and Melissa. Their wedding truly will stand out in our memory as having some of the best ideas and most fun we've seen. The day was about Matt, Melissa and the people they loved - doing the things they loved to do. This was one of the gigs that reminds us how blessed we are to have the job we have. Also, their wedding cake was covered with fake ants. Very cool.

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